Aldelo Lite to Pro Edition Comparison

Aldelo  Lite to Pro Edition Comparison

Aldelo For Restaurants Lite Edition contains a subset of features from the Pro Edition. The Lite Edition is specifically designed for order taking and order settlement in a Take Out and Delivery restaurant. Advanced features such as Labor Control, Customer Management, Recipe and Inventory Control are not available in the Lite Edition
Lite EditionPro Edition
Standard Features
Runs on Windows XP or LaterYesYes
100% Touch Operated POSYesYes
Caller ID IntegrationYesYes
Multilingual User InterfacesYesYes
30 Days Complimentary SupportYesYes
Point of Sale Features
Easy to Use Order Entry ScreensYes Yes
Flexible Kitchen & Bar PrintingYesYes
Order Splits & CombinesYesYes
Order Transfers & ChainingYesYes
Financials AccountabilityYesYes
Integrated Credit Card ProcessingYesYes
Discounts & SurchargesYesYes
Automatic Menu Item Price ChangesYesYes
Menu Group SchedulingYesYes
Pizza Builders & Modifier BuildersYesYes
Forced ModifiersYesYes
Take Out Order TypeYesYes
Drive Thru Order TypeYesYes
Delivery Order TypeYesYes
Delivery Dispatch & RoutingYesYes
Visual Map IntegrationYesYes
Dine In Order TypeYes
Bar Tab Order TypeYes
Visual Floor ManagementYes
Reservations & Waiting ListYes
Guest PagingYes
Staff Paging & Manager Alert PagingYes
Gift Cards & Store CreditsYes
Frequent Diners & House AccountsYes
VIP DiscountsYes
Employee SchedulingYes
Employee Time Card ManagementYes
Payroll Preparation ReportYes
Recipe ControlYes
Inventory ManagementYes
Purchase OrdersYes
Inventory Shopping ListYes
Inventory Preparation ForecastYes
Ready for Wireless POS IntegrationYes
Back Office Features
Easy to Use Data Entry ScreensYesYes
Easy to Use Maintenance FunctionsYesYes
Third Party Add In LinksYesYes
Extensive Built In ReportsYesYes
Export Report Data to ExcelYesYes
Inventory FunctionsYes
Customer FunctionsYes
Labor & Scheduling FunctionsYes