Aldelo Restaurant Software Support

ALDELO support technicians will be able to assist you with questions regarding our ALDELO line of products. 

However, due to the complexities of third party solutions and hardware configurations, we will not be able to provide support on your hardware, network, or other non Aldelo solutions. For those third party solutions, we recommend that you contact the vendors directly for troubleshooting as they will be the best source to resolve your issues. 

All Aldelo end user customers will receive an automatic 30 day technical support service term free of charge. This complimentary service is provided to the end user upon product registration. (Note: License add on or purchasing other add on products will not extend complimentary support period) 

The free support will start when the product is registered. After the 30 day free support, you will have the option of either purchasing a support contract to continue support services, or pay per incident. 

Support hours are:
24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week 

Aldelo Support Department
Telephone: 1-925-215-5634


Aldelo Annual Support & Upgrade Contract available here