Why Compact Industrial?
In developing the C Series printer family, Cognitive recognized that today?s desktop and mid-range printer products frequently come up short for users in printer performance, price and footprint. Many customers are forced to buy expensive mid-range printers to get the speed and essential features they can?t find in the more affordable desktop models. Other customers are forced to sacrifice performance to meet their budgets and buy down. Neither solution is optimal for users.

Cognitive saw the opportunity to create a new printer family to fill the traditional price/performance space between low and high end printers. We call our printers ?Compact Industrial? and give them the C Series name.
The chart above illustrates how the C Series both overlaps and bridges the gap between the desktop and mid-range printers sold in the market today. This positioning gives customers exciting new choices in meeting their barcode printer budget and performance objectives.

33% the size
50% the price
100% the performance
200% the warranty of big box printers.

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