On site installation process:

Download the On Site Questionnaire here: ON SITE QUESTIONNAIRE and send to us by fax (786) 752 3302 or email: info@posofamerica.com or complete the ON LINE Questionnaire here

  1. Project Manager makes contact with you, goes over an evaluation (either by phone or email).
  2. Quote is sent to you, Project Manager will go over everything that is included.
  3. You approve contract and we'll be contacted to make an appointment for arrival.
  4. 1-2 day prior to appt, dispatcher confirms with you that appointment time is still available
  5. On Site job proceeds, Project Manager follows up with technician & you while on site.
  6. Technician calls into project manager, project manager and help desk confirm that all hardware and software is live.
  7. Technician has you sign off on completed on site work order form, Help desk proceeds with remote setup.
  8. Help desk confirms setup with project manager
  9. Project Manager calls you and announces completion of job, and answers any questions.


All technicians are certified, and POS proficients.

On Site Service Terms

Facility must be ready for installation once scheduled, unless rescheduled within 48 hours of appointment. If an install needs to be rescheduled due to site not ready while the technician is on site a return trip fee will be charged.

All appointment cancellations must be made within 48 hours or a cancellation fee will apply.

All technicians are certified to work on POS hardware, Microsoft Operating System (Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003), and

Network Hardware, as well as complete the networking portion of the network software.

For Software specific questions, even while the technician is on site:

Contact your software dealer or help desk or sales representative for more details and software maintenance support options.


We always recommend that ALL POS & Network hardware peripherals be used running on clean electrical power. In order to achieve the optimal electrical & network environment all equipment should be run on its own dedicated power circuit, have a surge protector or battery backup, have electrical line filters, and positioned as far as possible from other electrical devices (to reduce electrical noise). It is the responsibility of the site location to protect themselves from electrical occurrences such as: noise, blackouts, brownouts, spikes, and surges.

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