Panasonic announced the release of the new Attune II HD3 (WX-CH455) headset.

The new Attune II HD3 headset was designed to bring voice clarity to one of the harshest commercial industries. With over 70% of a quick service restaurant’s sale handled via the Drive Thru model, being able to clearly communicate with the customer equates to profits. For over 30 years, Panasonic has built one of the best technologies to support this primary objective. With numerous patents in the audio and telephony industries, Panasonic has incorporated this technology in the drive thru market to continue being the technology leader for the QSR market.


The new Attune II HD3 headset has a three-mic array to actively cancel ambient noise. Combined with the digital noise reduction (DNR) in the latest software release for the WX-CC411/412 brings high voice clarity for both inbound and outbound audio. Customer and crew will be able to hear each other clearly which equates to high order accuracy and higher throughput in the drive thru.

With the release of the WX-CH455 headset and WX-SB100 battery, Panasonic is also announcing the discontinuation of the WX-CH450 headset. The WX-CH455 is compatible with the WX-CH450 with the exception of the battery. The WX-B3030 battery will continue to be available. WX-CH450 headsets will be limited to stock on hand.

Benefits of the new Attune II HD3 headset:

  • Lightweight ergonomic design
    • Under 100g
  • 3 Microphone Array DNR
    • One mic listening to the surrounding noises, one mic listening for burst noises and one mic listening to the crew member delivers active DNR and the clearest possible voice clarity.
  • Fewer buttons bringing simplicity
    • Four buttons mean a shorter learning curve for crew. Talk, Page, Volume and Lane Switch.
  • Colored designation tag
    • We have added a colored tag feature to all the users to distinguish the usage of each headset. Example: Manager headset, Regional Manager headset, Lane 1 or Lane 2.
  • New strong, light weight, black headband
    • Strong yet light headband allowing for hours of comfort
    • Black in color allows the band to less noticeable to the customer
  • Rubber ear pads
    • We use rubber instead of foam, which allows for a longer life and the ability to wash/disinfect between shifts.
  • Micro USB programming
    • Programming for less frequently used functions can now be done on a PC with a Micro USB cable.
    • Programming can be done at the staging site or store site without the need to connect to a center module.
  • Available consumable parts
    • Consumable parts allow the user to replace the parts instead of having it shipped in for repair.
    • Headband, rubber ear pad, rubber head pad and batteries are available
  • Removable battery

  • Panasonic Battery
    • We use Panasonic cells to build our batteries. Panasonic has some of the best battery cells in the industry. These batteries have a longer charge and shelf life then the standard and off the shelf batteries, which are used more often.
    • With Panasonic batteries, you don’t have to worry about taking the battery off the charger to early, charging before battery before its fully discharged or over charging.


  • The Attune II HD3 headset can be used with Center Module models WX-C3010, WX-CC411, WX-CC411A, WX-CC412, WX-CC412A.
  • The Attune II HD3 headset uses a system compliant 1.9 GHz band DECT* band so it will not suffer any interference from microwave ovens or wireless LANs which operate in the 2.4 GHz and higher frequency bands.
  • Manager mode
    • One headset can be set to manager mode for each lane of the center module. A person using this headset has the priority of communication.
  • When the Auto-Talk-Lock function is activated, users can communicate with customers without holding down the talk button once the loop is triggered.
  • Voice prompts check the settings of The Attune II HD3 headset.
  • When using The Attune II HD3 headset in the dual lane system, it is possible to communicate without changing the lane setting.
  • It is possible to select the Talk-Lock or Press-To-Talk mode.
  • It is possible to select the Page-Lock or Press-To-Page mode.
  • Email notifications and other alerts can be sent to external parties through the Center Module by operations from The Attune II HD3 headset.

* Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications


Headset users can communicate with each other and with customers at the order post by connecting wirelessly to the Center Module.


Frequency Characteristic

1921.536 MHz to 1928.448 MHz

Power Supply

DC 3.7 V (Rechargeable Li-ion Battery)

Mass Approx.

100 g {0.22 lbs} (including the battery)

Operating Temperature Range

0 °C to +40 °C {32 °F to 104 °F}

Microphone Maximum Input Level

110 dBSPL

Earphone Nominal Output Level

96 dBSPL

Maximum Output Level

Less than 115 dBSPL

Frequency Response

300 Hz to 3 kHz

Output Volume Control

–3 dB to +9 dB (3 dB step)