Honeywell Voyager 1400g Barcode Scanner
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Honeywell Voyager 1400g Barcode Scanner

Honeywell Voyager 1400g Barcode Scanner
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The Honeywell Voyager 1400g barcode scanner offers affordable 2D scanning, fantastic for medium volume retailers or businesses wanting to future-proof their operations. Using Honeywell's Adaptus imaging technology and the familiar Voyager design, the 1400g is a great addition for any retail operation. 

Available with 1D scanning standard and your choice of PDF417 or full 2D imaging, the Voyager 1400g can be updated as needed to add functionality. The barcode scanner can read standard UPC barcodes from about a foot away and at any orientation, making retail scanning a snap. When placed in the auto sense stand, the Voyager 1400g automatically switches to presentation mode, giving you a great handheld and hands-free scanner in one unique body. 

The 1400g has been built to handle rough retail environments with ease.

An IP42 seal keeps dirt and water from harming the internal components, eliminating the risks of spills.

The rubberized hood protects the scanner from bumps with products and also reinforces the Voyager 1400g to withstand 5-foot drops to concrete.

Shipping with a 5-year warranty standard, the Honeywell Voyager 1400g is a great economical solution for businesses needing 2D scanning.
  • 1" to 12" scan range on UPC barcodes
  • Can upgrade 1D model to PDF or 2D scanning with ease
  • IP42 seal keeps out dirt and water splashes
  • Withstands multiple drops of 5-feet to concrete
  • Stand automatically converts scanner to presentation mode
  • Can read barcodes on LCD screens
Warranty:5 Years
Return Period:15 Days
* These product specifications may not apply to every model available. Please see manufacturer product brochure for complete product specifications.