ELO 15E2 Complete Bundle for Quickbooks POS Basic
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ELO 15E2 Complete Bundle for Quickbooks POS Basic

ELO 15E2 Complete Bundle for Quickbooks POS Basic
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Bundle includes:

  • ELO E058968 15E2 Touchcomputer LCD All-in-One Desktop (AccuTouch, POSReady 7, No Bezel, Black)
  • Star TSP100Eco Thermal Printer USB
  • Cash Drawer
  • Laser Barcode Scanner 
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Basic Software sold separately 

 The 15E2 E-Series touchcomputer is an elegant, retail-hardened touch solution with a small footprint, developed to fit into hospitality and retail environments.

The compact, ruggedized touchcomputer delivers a 15-inch touchscreen, Intel Celeron dual-core processor, 2GB RAM and 320GB storage. Designed to fit on top of a cash drawer, it can also be wall-or pole-mounted depending on the installation needs.

The 15E2 supports third party peripherals through four (4) USB and two (2) serial ports and has a second VGA output to add a second customer-facing display for advertising and customer communication. The connections are all nicely hidden from view in the I/O bay, offering a clean, modern look while avoiding incidental disconnection.

The 15E2 touchcomputer is designed for convenient serviceability with easy access to main components. Availablewith IntelliTouch zero-bezel surface acoustic wave (SAW) or AccuTouch micro-bezel 5-wire resistive touch technology, the 15E2 features a sleek glass-to-edge seamless design that is elegant and easy to clean. With no moving parts to wear out, touch response is fast, accurate, and driftfree using a finger, gloved hand, or soft stylus. Pure glass construction allows high light transmission without compromising durability or functionality.

  • Small footprint, retail-hardened, flexible touchcomputer.
  • Fast, accurate, and drift-free touch response using a finger, gloved hand, or soft stylus.
  • Customer-installable peripherals.
Model 15E2
Processor Intel Celeron Processor J1800 2.41 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache
Video Intel HD Graphics
Memory (RAM) 2GB DDR3L SODIMM on 1 of 1 slot1
(Replaceable with 4GB maximum on 1 slot)

1Maximum memory using 1 available slot; replacement for single, pre-installed memory module. Replaceable up to 4GB maximum, SODIMM DDR3L-1333.

Hard Disk Drive 320GB 2.5? 7mm SATA HDD2

2GB equals one billion bytes when referring to storage capacity. Accessible capacity may be less.

USB Ports 4 x USB 2.0
Serial Ports 2 x Native DB9 RS-232 (standard)
Ethernet Port 1 x LAN RJ45 (Gigabit)
Additional Video Out 2nd VGA out
Audio Ports 1 x 3.5mm line out, 1 x 3.5mm line in, 1 x 3.5mm mic in
Display 15.6" diagonal, active matrix TFT LED LCD
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (widescreen)
Active Display Area IntelliTouch: 13.6" x 7.6" (344.2mm x 193.5mm)
AccuTouch: 13.7? x 7.8? (348.2mm x 197.5mm)
Native (optimal) Resolution 1366 x 768 @ 60Hz
Colors 262K (6-bit)
Brightness (typical) LCD panel: 200 nits
IntelliTouch: 180 nits
AccuTouch: 160 nits
Response Time Total (typical) 10 msec
Viewing Angle (typical) Horizontal: ? 45? or 90? total
Vertical: 20?/45? or 65? total
Contrast Ratio (typical) 650:1
Power External 19VDC universal-type power supply brick
AC input voltage: 100-240 VAC
Input frequency: 50-60 Hz
Maximum output power: 65W (Max Draw: 74W)
Max Power Consumption (without peripherals) 29W
Available Touch Technologies IntelliTouch (zero-bezel surface acoustic wave)
AccuTouch (micro-bezel 5-wire resistive)
Maximum Touchcomputer Dimensions (W x H x D) 15.4" x 11.0" x 9.5" (390mm x 280mm x 240mm)
Maximum Touchcomputer Dimensions With Stand
(Display at 0? tilt, W x H x D)
15.4" x 13.0" x 6.3" (390mm x 330mm x 161mm)
Shipping Box Dimensions(W x H x D) 18.1" x 15.8" x 9.8" (460mm x 400mm x 250mm)



With the Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic businesses can easily ring up sales, accept credit cards, manage inventory and track customers. Instant reports show you top-selling products, customer stats, sales data and more. Use Mobile Sync1 to capture sales anywhere with iPhone, iPad and Android. Integrates with other powerful Intuit products: QuickBooks and GoPayment2.
Make Better Business Decisions
More than 50 pre-built sales, customer and inventory reports at your
? ? ?
Create customized reports and save for easy access ? ? ?
Improve your marketing with insights and data from the Customer Center ? ? ?
Track employee hours and sales commissions   ? ?
Access to sales and inventory reports for each store location and at the
"Company? level
Take Your Business Mobile
Ring up sales on your smartphone or table (iPad, iPhone, Android) ? ? ?
Sales & Inventory information from your mobile device syncs with Point of Sale software ? ? ?
Quickly, Easily Ring Up Sales
A payments account that lets you accept credit cards right in your software1 ? ? ?
Ability to use a bar code scanner to ring sales ? ? ?
Allows discounts, returns, store credit & gift receipts ? ? ?
Customize price tags, receipts and more   ? ?
Track work orders and sales orders   ? ?
Manage Inventory Accurately and Effortlessly
Automatically track inventory as you sell and receive items ? ? ?
Manage vendors ? ? ?
Generate purchase orders automatically at pre-set inventory levels   ? ?
Ship and track packages using Shipping Manager4   ? ?
Track multiple vendors, UPC codes, serial numbers, layaways and sales
  ? ?
Include pictures of inventory items   ? ?
Track & Reward Your Best Customers
Track customer contact and purchase info ? ? ?
Create customer letters easily with Microsoft Word® integration2 ? ? ?
Capture "ship-to? addresses for creating mailing lists and labels   ? ?
Recognize your best customers with the Rewards Program   ? ?
Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use
Answer a few simple questions to start ? ? ?
View built-in tutorials for common tasks and learn by example with the
Practice File
? ? ?
Import items and customers from Microsoft®  Excel3 ? ? ?
Simple sales screens to quickly & accurately ring items ? ? ?
Pricing Management Tools to update prices & create discounts across
products and departments
  ? ?
Manage up to 20 Stores from a Single Office
Consolidate multi-store data into one file     ?
Track inventory transfers between stores     ?
Works Alone or with QuickBooks Financial Software5
Transfer sales data to QuickBooks Financial software5 ? ? ?
Synch customer data and accounts receivable with QuickBooks Financial
? ? ?
Send time cards to QuickBooks Financial Software for payroll processing6   ? ?
Control Security
Track petty cash payouts ? ? ?
Control access to administrative features by password ? ? ?