Accubanker AB5000PLUS Professional Bill Counter + MGUV Detection
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Accubanker AB5000PLUS Professional Bill Counter + MGUV Detection

Accubanker AB5000PLUS Professional Bill Counter + MGUV Detection
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This is AccuBANKER's professional grade Bill counter with counterfeit detection for businesses and financial institutions. When the strictest counting/counterfeit detection controls are required, this unit offers it all at an affordable price.
This is AccuBANKER?s professional grade counting and counterfeit detection unit. One of the most advanced and powerful currency counters available to businesses, the AB5000 Plus will meet all of your cash handling needs.

Equipped with a fully computerized mechanism, this Professional Bill Counter features: variable counting speeds of up to 1500 bills/min, batching, adding, and dual means of counterfeit detection. Additionally this money counter is equipped with an acrylic molded cover to protect the user from dust generated by the fast counting action.

Stylish yet affordable, the AB5000 PLUS is one of the most efficient and complete bill counter available, helping you in counting and detecting counterfeit currency in any business environment where cash is transacted and the strictest of counting/ counterfeit detection controls are required.
  • Saves time and labor costs
  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Anyone can use it
  • Variable counting speeds (700, 1000, 1500 bills/minute)
  • Integrated counterfeit detection systems (MG / UV)
  • Computerized for counting, adding, and batching
  • Automatically adjusts to 110 or 220V current
  • Automatic built-in dust cover
  • Two-tone colored body
  • Three-year warranty
This product qualifies for tax benefits under the Economic Stimulus Act ; Section 179
The Basics of Section 179

In 2009, Section 179 will allow you to deduct from your tax liability the full purchase price of equipment purchases, such Cash Handling Equipment from AccuBANKER (up to $250,000). This means substantial, immediate tax relief for your business, and makes the purchase needed equipment a smart financial move. For more details visit the IRS page for Section 179