Accubanker AB5500 Business Pro Bill Counter / Counterfeit Detector
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Accubanker AB5500 Business Pro Bill Counter / Counterfeit Detector

Accubanker AB5500 Business Pro Bill Counter / Counterfeit Detector
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   1500 Bills per minute!
Efficient and ready to hook-up to a PC, the AB5500 is our most advanced bill counter. Boasting variable counting speeds and digital connectivity to your computer through our custom AccuLOG software, the AB5500 is perfect for any business environment.
This is AccuBANKER?s professional solution with integrated computer aided counting and counterfeit detection. Currently, it is one of the most advanced and most powerful currency counters available to businesses.

The AB5500 comes equipped with Quattro technology, which scans bills at a lightning pace using four different analysis benchmarks: Infrared, Ultraviolet, Magnetic, and Security Thread. Equipped with a complete and user friendly computer connectivity solution, this bill counter has the unprecedented ability to log and document the amount of cash being counted using our latest AccuLOG software. This software also enables an administrator to oversee all the records of moneys being handled by several users with a password restricted access and logic/simplified tools.

Efficient and ready to interact thru a computer, the AB5500 is our most advanced bill counter available today, helping you to detect counterfeit currency and logging counting session information digitally and in any business environment where the strictest of counting and counterfeit detection measures are required.

The value extension feature allows the user to enter the face value of the banknotes to be multiplied by the quantity of bills processed. The subtotal of the denominations counted is added to the running total.
  • Saves time and labor costs
  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Anyone can use it
  • Variable counting speeds (600, 900, 1200, 1500 bills/minute)
  • Integrated Quattro counterfeit detection systems (MG / UV / IR / ST)
  • Computerized counting, batching, and addition capabilities
  • Auxiliary Counting Screen
  • Bright LCD Screen
  • Computer Connectivity thru AccuLOG
  • Three-year warranty
This product qualifies for tax benefits under the Economic Stimulus Act ; Section 179

The Basics of Section 179

In 2009, Section 179 will allow you to deduct from your tax liability the full purchase price of equipment purchases, such Cash Handling Equipment from AccuBANKER (up to $250,000). This means substantial, immediate tax relief for your business, and makes the purchase needed equipment a smart financial move. For more details visit the IRS page for Section 179