BioFace Multimedia: 3000 fingerprints, 100,000 registers, 700 faces. Fingerprint, face recognition, proximity cards, touch screen, USB, network TCP/IP, Simple Access Control  (doors). Includes Power Supply 3A.

BioFace  is the most complete device on the market for Time & Attendance and Access Control for employees, which provides your company with a simple solution to control physical access (doors). It is designed for companies up to 3,000 employees.

With a sleek, modern and professional design BioFace Multimedia is a complete unit that combines a fine color touch screen with audible voice prompts for users.

When an employee makes a record, it displays the photo on the screen and the device will confirm if the record is right or wrong. The management of the device is made from a simple intuitive graphical menu. The main verification method for BioFace is the facial recognition for employees.

It has an infrared camera that will make identification even in dark environments. As an alternative, employees can log in with their fingerprints, proximity card (internal reader) or through a password.

The user can connect the device to the network for the online process on the records made, or transfer them through any USB flash disk to the computer (without any connection to the device).

The high quality fingerprint reader is made of glass without a silicone pad (readers with silicon are easily damaged) to ensure long life

BioFace can be connected to different devices for simple access control (doors) as locks, door sensors, doorbell buttons, opening systems, etc. When an employee is successfully verified the device sends the signal to unlock the door.

The device has an anti dismantling button in the back, which is always pressed against the wall. If it gets detached from the wall, the button is released and triggers an alarm.

The package includes a software for the analysis of the records.

1 Features

1 1 Screen
Nice color screen, with up to 10 custom images. It can show the picture of the employee when he performs the record.

Touch Screen
Management functions from the device's screen.

1 Sound
Verification functions have voice audible prompts indicating the result of the operation.

1 Verification
The employee can be registered by their fingerprint, face recognition, proximity card (via a reader included in the device) or by typing a password. It can combine these methods or require any employee to use a particular method

1 Conection
The device can be connected to a computer for online collection of the records. This connection can be via TCP / IP network (normal), RS232 or RS485.

1 Offline
Download the records made by any USB flash disk and take them to the computer for analysis with the software.

1 Large Capacity
Open license to store up to 3,000 fingerprints and 700 faces without restrictions.

1High Quality Reader
The fingerprint reader is glass, not coated with a silicone pad (which may be damaged or broken disabling the reader.) This ensures the device long life.

Professional Access Control
You can open doors and control attendance.

Anti-dismantling Button
Can be used to avoid the disarmament or misuse of the device.

1 Specs

Color TFT Touchscreen4.3"
6 fast keys
700 faces, 3,000 fringerprints, 100,000 registers
FRR of 0.01%, FAR of 0.0001%
Power Supply
12V, 3A
Device: 19,36 x 16,52 x 8,6 cm
0°C to 45°C, Humidity 20% to 80%

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