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BioHome is a low cost and simple solution to control the access of the house, apartment or a little office. This device combines the lock system with different options to verify users..

The device has a strong mechanical structure. Every external component has been manufactured with solid stainless steel.

The users simply need to put their finger in the fingerprint reader and BioHome makes the verification. If it is successful, the device will produce an audible sign and also a message in the screen, unlocking the door.

If the verification is incorrect, it also shows it through an audible signal and an error message will also appear on the screen.

BioHome has incorporated a proximity card reader that could be used as an alternative verification method.

We can also make the verification through a password dialed on a number pad on the device.

The user can set the lock in visitor's mode, where the locks remain unlocked permanently.

The high quality fingerprint reader is made of glass and without silicone pad (readers with silicon are easily damaged) to ensure long life.

To add users is an easy process that would take a few seconds. The device has an easy menu and a screen where it shows step by step all the instructions.

BioHome includes an Administrator program that could be installed to a computer where the user can consult every record made through the device.

To download the records, BioHome has a USB port to connect any memory device. BioHome works with 4 AA batteries that last until 5,000 records.

The status of the batteries can be checked all the time on the screen of the device. It does not need to install any cable or to make any kind of connections.

It has two emergency unlocking systems. In case of full uncharged batteries, the user can use a mechanical key and the usage of a 9 volts battery connected through the front lock panel.

1 Features

The employee can be registered by their fingerprint, proximity card (via a reader included in the device), by typing a password or using an actual key. It can combine these methods or require any employee to use a particular method.

1 Offline
Download the records made by any USB flash disk and take them to the computer for analysis with the software.

1 Large Capacity
Open license to store up to 500 fingerprints without restrictions..

1High Quality Reader
The fingerprint reader is glass, not coated with a silicone pad (which may be damaged or broken disabling the reader.) This ensures the device long life.

Simple Access Control
You can open doors and control attendance.

1 Specifications

LCD Panel 4 lines x 16 characters, monochrome
5 keys
500 fingerprints, 100 cards, 30,000 records
FRR of 0.01%, FAR of 0.0001%
1:N (3,500 fingerprints in 1 second)
4.10 Kg. Packed: 4.80 Kg
315 x 78 x 38 mm
0°C to 45°C, Humidity 20% to 80%

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