Caller ID Whozz Calling POS (Ethernet DeLuxe) for Aldelo Express
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Caller ID Whozz Calling POS (Ethernet DeLuxe) for Aldelo Express

Caller ID Whozz Calling POS (Ethernet DeLuxe) for Aldelo Express
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 Aldelo Express Certified

Caller ID Whozz Calling POS (Ethernet -DeLuxe) Serial for Aldelo Express.

Monitor all aspects of phone activity.  Use for robust pop-up applications, complete call tracking, and real-time phone line activity. Both Inbound Caller ID and outbound numbers dialed are reported along with call duration, number of rings before answer, on-hook, off-hook, and ring signal.

Whozz Calling? Deluxe units are available is 2,4, & 8 line models with either a Serial Port/USB or Ethernet Connection.

Improve customer relationships by instantly having their information on screen, speed service and order taking, identify and return missed calls, and track outbound activity.

Typical Uses

  • Pop-up Customer RecordsEven before answering a call, the customer's record can be shown. This allows employees a moment to review the client's information before responding.
  • Personalize Your Phone CallsHaving your customer's information in front of you allows you to tailor your conversation to their needs.
  • Save Time Taking OrdersSave precious seconds during peak hours by customers automatically being pulled up.
  • Call Back Unanswered CustomersThe hardware tracks whether calls have been answered or not.
  • Adjust Telephony StaffingUnit reports number of rings before call is answered and call duration.
  • Build Your Prospect ListSoftware is available to "quick fill" new records with Caller ID names and numbers.
  • Block Nuisance CallsBlock from certain Caller ID numbers including Private and Out-of-Area callers.
  • Identify Threatening CallersDial any touch tone code while connected to tag that particular call record.
  • Bill Clients for Phone HoursCharge based on the total duration of all phone calls to and from your customers.
  • Track Telemarketing ProductivityExamine the number of calls made and duration on the phone for each