Logic eNet KDS Bundle
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Logic eNet KDS Bundle

Logic eNet KDS Bundle
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Logic eNet is a new generation of kitchen display system that incorporates many important features from both Logic Net and Logic Serve. For example, Logic eNet features the same level of reliability of Logic Net and uses the popular ethernet topology of Logic Serve. The key component of Logic eNet is the new LS6000 module.

The important features of LS6000 include:
  IP addressable module with ethernet connection
  Ultra compact size: 1.0" x 5.1" x 6.3"
  Reliable rugged and fanless design
  Low cost, no operating system is required
  Downloadable firmware to emulate any proprietary module
  Touch screen support
  Powerful self-diagnostics
  Optional built-in build card function
  Dual serial ports to drive a printer plus another serial device
  Low operating power consumption, less than 1.5 watts