Logic Controls LK8000 Programmable Keyboard
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Logic Controls LK8000 Programmable Keyboard

Logic Controls LK8000 Programmable Keyboard
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Ideal for PC-Based POS Systems
As more POS workstations move to PC-based systems running Windows or Linux, most retailers need a QWERTY keyboard with a full compliment of function and numeric keys, a touchpad for easy navigation within the POs application, and an optional credit card reader. The LK8000 programmable keyboard is an ideal solution for these omnipresent requirements.

Easy and Advanced Programming
The LK8000 is one of the easiest and most programmable keyboards on the market. All 122 keys are programmable with multiple layers of definitions, and 46 keys are relegendable and programmable. Using a powerful Windows-based programming utility that stores key definitions in a data file, an integrator can create a program layout for multiple keyboards, rather than programming key by key, keyboard by keyboard.

Works with All Systems
The LK8000 I/O ports allow daisy-chaining of other keyboard input devices and barcode SCANNER. It provides a PS/2, RS232 or USB interface and supports a true keyboard wedge function, operating with or without a computer keyboard.

122 key QWERTY keyboard with touchpad and 2 mouse buttons
Optional integrated magnetic stripe reader
All 122 keys are programmable; 46 keys are relegendable and programmable
Multiple layers of key definitions and multiple shift levels
Programmed with a powerful Windows-based programming utility software
Create program layout for multiple keyboards ? programming utility saves templates in data files
Program up to 1800 characters or codes per key
Programmable inter-character and inter-string time delays
Patented wedge port technology to daisy chain barcode scanner and or other external keyboard devices
Full travel key switches
Programmable without special programming switches, programming kits, TSR programs or the need for internal batteries.
Multiple interface options: PS2 (standard), optional RS232 or USB
Keylock switch for layer selection
Includes cable and Windows programming utility

Weight 3.0 lbs.
Dimensions (in mm)
Width 441
Depth 214
Front height 25
Rear height 54
Keys 122 full travel keys
> 10 million

Input voltage +5VDC
Current (KB5000) 25 ma.
Current (KB5000M) 50 ma.

Operating Temperature 0 to +50C
Storage Temperature -20 to +70C
Relative Humidity
Vibration (10 to 55 Hz.)
85% max. non-condensing
90% max. non-condensing
4 G's
40 G's

Keyboard emulation
(KB5000 and KB5000M)
RS232C (KB1701)
Baud rate
Data bit