Bematech Logic Controls LS6000 Logic eNet Controller
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Bematech Logic Controls LS6000 Logic eNet Controller

Bematech Logic Controls LS6000 Logic eNet Controller
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Bematech Logic Controls LS6000 Logic eNet Controller
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It is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today?s kitchen video display systems. Logic Controls Logic Net solution has been widely regarded as the most reliable KDS hardware solution on the market for the past decade. It has been deployed by some of the largest restaurant chains in the world as well as thousands of small local restaurants. This is one of the reasons why the Logic Net solution is supported by over 20 POS software partners. The LS6000 module uses no internal cables, hard disk drives, fans, or mechanical moving parts that can easily fail. The enclosure is a heavy-duty die cast case for extra ruggedness. Every module uses snap-to-lock connectors for secure connections. The LS6000 module consumes less than 1.5 watts of power, ideal for reliable operation in the hot kitchen environment. In addition, the module is tamper proof, without on/off or selection switches and no adjustable devices.

The LS6000 module can replace costly and ill-suited PC workstations with network software. To add more stations, simply add more LS6000 modules. No special interface cards or additional hardware is required for the LS6000 module to communicate with peripheral devices. In addition, upgrading LS6000 for enhanced functionality is easy with remote downloadable firmware and character fonts.

The LS6000 module has a very compact form factor ? only 1.0?h x 6.3?w x 5.1?d. Two mounting tabs enable these modules to be mounted almost anywhere ? on a display monitor arm, wall, ceiling or under a counter. The LS6000 module also uses standard Ethernet connection to a system hub to communicate with the server or workstation running the kitchen production management software.


  • IP addressable module, Ethernet topology
  • Compact 1.0?h x 6.3?w x 5.1?d form factor
  • Highly reliable and rugged, fanless operation
  • Low cost, no operating system (OS) required
  • Powerful self-diagnostics
  • Optional color build-card display function
  • I/O ports to drive bump bar, serial printer, VGA monitor or touch screen monitor.
  • Optional internal Compact Flash (CF) for graphic image and program storage
  • High security, immune to malicious software
  • Simple to install, maintain and upgrade
  • Remote download of graphic images, firmware, and code page fonts



Weight 2.25lbs
Dimension (in inches) 6.3W x 1.0H x 5.1D


Input voltage 100 to 240VAC
Input frequency 47 to 63 Hz
Input current: < 1000mA @ 120VAC
Output voltage: +5VDC
Output current: < 1A
Ripple voltage < 100mV p/p


Operating Temperature: 5C to 40C
Storage temperature: 0C to 60C
Relative humidity: 5 to 80%, non-condensing


Ethernet 10Baset
Bump Bar or PC keyboard
Serial port

  • Baud Rate: 2400. 4800, 9600, 19200
  • Parity: none
  • Data Bits: 8


General Connectors: to be latched/strain relief
RS232: Standard, DB9 female connector
Ethernet: 8 pin modular RJ45 male connector
VGA: Standard, high density, DB15 male connector
Keyboard: 6 pin modular shielded RJ11, male connector