Posiflex Restaurant POS Station MT4008 POS TABLET Win 8.1 MSR Wi-Fi with Aldelo PRO
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Posiflex Restaurant POS Station MT4008 POS TABLET Win 8.1 MSR Wi-Fi with Aldelo PRO

Posiflex Restaurant POS Station MT4008 POS TABLET Win 8.1 MSR Wi-Fi with Aldelo PRO
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Posiflex Restaurant POS Station MT4008 POS TABLET Win 8.1 MSR Wi-Fi with Aldelo PRO
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8?, Intel® Bay Trail T Quad Core 1.33GHz,  2GB DDR3, 32GB eMMC, Win 8.1 Ind., PC Touch, 3 Tracks MSR. +  Pistol Grip without Scanner

Hybrid Fixed and Mobile POS
All-in-One Compact POS with Mobile Freedom 
Posiflex has bridged the fixed terminal / mobile gap with the innovative MT4008 system. This hybrid Windows 8.1 Industry Pro driven system takes an aluminum diecast, multifunction tablet and transforms it into a complete, compact, all-in-one POS system. An optional pistol grip with barcode scanner can be added for additional battery life and functionality. The pistol grip and tablet ? or the tablet only ? can be set in the optional docking station to create a fixed terminal or kiosk. This hybrid solution completely bridges the high standards of fixed terminals with the flexibility of being mobile as your business requires.
  • An 8? tablet that can transform into a compact all-in-one POS terminal when paired with the optional integrated pistol grip and printer docking station. The MT4008 system is modular with maximum flexibility to configure as needed.
  • 8? industrial-grade tablet running Windows® 8.1 Industry Pro
  • Projected capacitive touch
  • 1024x768 screen resolution
  • Windows 8.1 Industrial Pro
  • 60% smaller than typical POS setup*
  • WiFi in tablet for wireless printing to docking station
  • MSR and handstrap included
Tablet Specifications
Processor Intel® Bay Trail 1.33GHz Quad Core CPU
System Memory 2GB DDR3L
Storage Device 32 GB eMMC
Touch Projected Capacitive Touch
OS Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro
Display 8? LCD with 1024 x 768 resolution
Wireless Connectivity WiFi 802.11 b/g/n; Bluetooth v4.0
Camera 5 Megapixel Rear-Facing Camera; 
2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera
Speaker/ Mic Yes
Sensors Gyroscope
I/O micro-SD, micro-USB
Battery 5000 mAh
Included Accessories 3 Track Encryption Capable MSR, Hand Strap
Pistol Grip without ScannerSwappable battery module
Optional Items NOT INCLUDED, available upon requirement.
Docking Station 

MT Charging Station Includes 4 banks
Battery Charging Station Includes 4 banks
Rechargable battery pack 
5000mAH for Pistol Grip

Aldelo 2013   
with FREE Thermal Printer

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Ideal POS Solution for Table Service & Quick Service Restaurants

Aldelo For Restaurants Pro Edition is a low cost, feature rich and easy to use total restaurant management software for table service and quick service restaurants.

Aldelo For Restaurants contains the feature set to support any restaurant environments.  Whether your restaurant is a coffee shop, a steak house, a bar & grille, a pizza restaurant, a cafeteria or any other food service establishments, our solution can help streamline your operations by custom tailor to your requirements.

Reliable Solution Proven in the Industry

Aldelo For Restaurants is well received in over 20,000 installations around the world due to its flexibility, ease of use and completeness.  Additionaly, our solution is Microsoft Windows XP verified since 2003.

Feature Complete & Easy to Use

Aldelo For Restaurants does not require its users to know about computers in order to use it.  In less than a few minutes of tutorial, your staff will be able to start using Aldelo For Restaurants like a pro.   

You will greatly reduce staff training expenses with our user friendly screen designs.  Best of all, Aldelo For Restaurants is a complete package with POS, Hostess, CRM, Inventory, Labor Control and much more, all included without additional charges.

Key Product Features

  • 100% Touch Operated Point of Sale
  • Visual Floor Management
  • Complete Hostess Features such as Reservations, Waiting List & Guest Paging
  • Advanced CRM such as Gift Card, House Account, Frequent Buyers
  • CallerID Integration, MapPoint Integration, Coin Dispensor Integration
  • Labor & Scheduling Management
  • Menu Recipe Control & Complete Inventory Management
  • Payment Processing Integration
  • One Touch Order Split & Combine
  • Multiple Check Tender Support
  • Multiple Kitchen Routing Destinations
  • Ready for Online Food Ordering Integration
    Ready for Kitchen Display Integration
  • Ready for Fingerprint Authentication Integration
  • Ready for Liquor Dispensor System Integration
  • Ready for Hotel/Resort Room Charge Integration
  • Extensive Management Reports
    And much more all included in the standard package!

Simplify Daily Management & Streamline Operations

Aldelo For Restaurants is a solution that may dramatically streamline your daily operations, retain guest loyalty and increase repeat business.

In the world of complex restaurant operations, simplify is the key to your success.  Aldelo For Restaurants is designed to help you simplify operations and maximize efficiencies.

Main Menu Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants enables you to access key features with the touch of a button. Best of breed technologies and functionalities are incorporated into Aldelo For Restaurants to help you simplify and maximize.
Table Service POS Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants has extensive features to handle even the most demanding Table Service Restaurants. You can manage tables, perform order splits & combines, apply gratuity, track guest count & control every aspect of order entry process with ease
Quick Service POS Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants is also great for Quick Service Restaurants.  Features such as flexible configuration options allow you to custom tailor to any quick service requirements. Best of all, our solution gives you maximum flexibility by allowing you to mix and match table service and quick service POS in the same establishment.

Visual Table Layout Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants has easy to use visual floor management features. Our visual floor management allows your staff to work as a team in order to provide better customer service and increase repeat business
Hostess Floor View Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants comes with advanced hostess and guest paging features out of the box. You will be able to create reservations, manage waiting lists, track guest preferences, inform waiting customers with guest paging and much more.
Pizza Builder Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants has great support for pizza restaurants. Our pizza ordering screens are optimized for both speed and efficiency.  You can apply pizza topping and crust type with just the touch of a button
Split Order Screen

Splitting orders in Aldelo For Restaurants is easy and fast. Our intuitive split screen allows you to perform split functions in no time.  Just point, touch and its done
Modifier Builder Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants handles both simple and complex menu items with ease. Whether the menu item needs just one touch to order, or those that need complex instructions, your staff will be able to enter orders much faster and more streamlined
Order Settlement Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants allows your customers flexible tender options. All tenders are tracked for accuracy and accountability.  No longer will you need to worry about lost revenue from missing checks.
Back Office Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants places all pertinent management and analysis functions within reach. Access to sales trends and statistics are available with just a simple touch of a button.  Menu changes is as easy as point, click and type.
MapPoint Integration Screen

Aldelo For Restaurants enables your delivery drivers to provide efficient delivery service with detailed turn by turn instructions and optimized route planning.  Our solution helps you deliver food faster without wrong turns or inefficient routes.
 Lite to Pro Edition Comparison
 Aldelo For Restaurants Lite Edition contains a subset of features from the Pro Edition. The Lite Edition is specifically designed for order taking and order settlement in a Take Out and Delivery restaurant. Advanced features such as Labor Control, Customer Management, Recipe and Inventory Control are not available in the Lite Edition
Lite EditionPro Edition
Standard Features
Runs on Windows XP or LaterYesYes
100% Touch Operated POSYesYes
Caller ID IntegrationYesYes
Multilingual User InterfacesYesYes
30 Days Complimentary SupportYesYes
Point of Sale Features
Easy to Use Order Entry ScreensYes Yes
Flexible Kitchen & Bar PrintingYesYes
Order Splits & CombinesYesYes
Order Transfers & ChainingYesYes
Financials AccountabilityYesYes
Integrated Credit Card ProcessingYesYes
Discounts & SurchargesYesYes
Automatic Menu Item Price ChangesYesYes
Menu Group SchedulingYesYes
Pizza Builders & Modifier BuildersYesYes
Forced ModifiersYesYes
Take Out Order TypeYesYes
Drive Thru Order TypeYesYes
Delivery Order TypeYesYes
Delivery Dispatch & RoutingYesYes
Visual Map IntegrationYesYes
Dine In Order TypeYes
Bar Tab Order TypeYes
Visual Floor ManagementYes
Reservations & Waiting ListYes
Guest PagingYes
Staff Paging & Manager Alert PagingYes
Gift Cards & Store CreditsYes
Frequent Diners & House AccountsYes
VIP DiscountsYes
Employee SchedulingYes
Employee Time Card ManagementYes
Payroll Preparation ReportYes
Recipe ControlYes
Inventory ManagementYes
Purchase OrdersYes
Inventory Shopping ListYes
Inventory Preparation ForecastYes
Ready for Wireless POS IntegrationYes
Back Office Features
Easy to Use Data Entry ScreensYesYes
Easy to Use Maintenance FunctionsYesYes
Third Party Add In LinksYesYes
Extensive Built In ReportsYesYes
Export Report Data to ExcelYesYes
Inventory FunctionsYes
Customer FunctionsYes
Labor & Scheduling FunctionsYes