POS Maid Salon Software v2.34
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POS Maid Salon Software v2.34

POS Maid Salon Software v2.34
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LifeTime  License

Salon Software v2.34         +FREE Integrated Credit Card Processing



SALON MAID 2.283 is a Salon Software, highly recommended for all general salons, such as: Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Spa, Tanning Salon, Massage Therapy Spa, Manicure, Pedicure, Makeup Studio and more.

The new 2.29 version of our software has the following major improvements:


- Weigh Scale integration for all scales that support NCI / ECR Serial Communications Protocol(Beta).
- Service Packages management for POS Maid and Tanning Packages management for Salon Maid.


- New and improved Invoice design (redesigned by European award winning graphic designers).


- Integration of the world known and most used "T-Max" - Tanning Bed Timers for Salon Maid (Control up to 256 Tanning Beds through Salon Maid) (Beta).


- Creation and Printing of Coupons / Gift Certificates.


- Better Tax rounding for International taxes (GST,PST,VAT,HST...) and final completion of the inclusion of all possible tax systems in the world. Which will offer international users the much needed improvement in the convenience of setting and calculating their final prices.


- More lenient software licensing security system, that will give the users much more leniency then ever to add on and switch hardware on their PCs without loosing their user license out of the security system's assumption that the software is moved to a different PC. However, we ask all parties, that are informed of this improvement, to keep in mind that there is still a software licensing security in the software, that will work perfectly in stopping piracy and unauthorized use of the software, which security may still give problems to users for changing too much hardware on their PC even if they haven't changed the PC completely (the improvement is in the fact that now the software's security system is more lenient, in that it allows for a lot more hardware changes than ever before).


- Now the DEMO versions will run longer before the DEMO expiring. In the past the DEMO allowed for only 10 invoices to be fully tendered (ten legitimate and complete sales to be processed) before stopping the DEMO session. Now that number has been doubled to 20. 


- Many additions, as suggested by various users in the past, for a more user friendly resulting software. To all users that have sent us a suggestion(s) and do not see their suggestion(s) implemented in this version, please understand that we simply have too many, as our base of customers is too large and world wide and we have to take these on "first come - first serve" basis. So we hope you will see your suggestion implemented in the next version (if it wasn't in this one). Otherwise, please also remember that we do reject suggestions, after careful consideration, if we decide that they will not benefit the wide audience of users that we have, but may only benefit a few or even worse one unique user's wants and needs. 


- Many fixes to small bugs and inconveniences to make the software even more user friendly.

Manual Salon Maid Tutorials Download Instructions
  • Supports POS systems, Home Desktops or Notebook PCs; Touch Screens and Regular Screens; Barcode Scanners, Magnetic Card Readers, PinPad Devices, Electronic Cash Drawers, Pole Displays; regular size Printers, small Receipt Printers and Barcode Printers.
  • Use it in a network, on more computers or on a single PC. Multi user licensing is available.
  • Each purchase entitles you to activating and using the software on one PC/HDD only. $85 for each additional license/PC/HDD. Licenses are not transferable.
  • Supports All World Currency. If your currency is not already available, you can easily add it yourself with our "Add Currency" tool.
  • Our software is Multilingual, the available languages are: English, Finish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. If your language is not already available, you can easily add it yourself with our "Self Translating" tool.
  • Just to name a few features (for more details with screenshots, click the "Features" button, located towards the top of this page): POS, Inventory, Unlimited Item/Service Buttons and Category Buttons, Accounting, Time Clock, Payroll (hourly/commission), Returns, Layaway, Barcode Labels Printing/Scanning, Customer Management, Credit/Debit/Gift Card Processing, Appointments/Scheduling, Receipts or Invoices (customizable), Many Reports, Low Stock Alerts, Import / Export Data from/to Excel, Mailing Lists, etc?
  • Purchase this software shipped on a CD or purchase it as a download and save on the shipping and handling fees..

Software requirements:

Minimal hardware requirements

Windows 8, 7, VISTA, XP, 2000, 2003 or ME

500MHz CPU / 128 MB Ram / 1GB HDD (depending on the inventory size and the sales per day, you may get by with a smaller HDD) 1024 x 768 graphics setting with 16bit colors

Before purchasing any POS hardware from either our partners or other sources, please read the hardware suggestions in the {Frequently Asked Questions} part of our Support section on our website or FEEL FREE TO CONSULT US ON ANY POS EQUIPMENT BEFORE YOU BUY IT, WE'LL BE GLAD TO HELP YOU!!

Included in our package as a bonus is X-CHARGE, the famous credit card processing software (works in USA and Canada only). To process credit cards with this software in as little as 3 seconds, you will need any kind of internet connection or just a phone line. If you use a broadband connection, your telephone lines will always be free. You can process checks with this software as well, so you'll never have to accept a bad check again. Also you can issue and process your own GIFT CARDS with this software.

Do not spend money by buying or renting expensive credit card machines; use your own PC. You can install the X-Charge portion of the software on as many PCs as you wish. This way it will be as if you have many credit card machines and less waiting lines for check-out in your business. Charge Cards anywhere, take this software on a laptop to a trade show, or wherever your business may take you. Even if (on the road) you are disconnected from a phone line or the internet, you can complete credit card purchases and they will process later when connection is established.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions


Piracy warning note:

By purchasing this item you are purchasing the license/right to use this software on one computer/HDD. Any unauthorized copying of this software is strictly prohibited by federal and international laws. This software is the intellectual property of Alexandria Computers LLC, which is the only entity with the right to own, copy and resell this software.


What you get in the mail:

If you pay for shipping, a shipped version is purchased and you get the following contents via USPS First Class Mail: CD-Rom Disk with software and VIDEO tutorials, Printed quick reference manual, DVD style jewel case, Retail software box, all of which is packed securely in a standard shipping box. 

The shipping charge includes: Shipping and Handling Cost, Printing Cost and Material Cost for CD, Manual, DVD Box, Retail Box and Shipping Box.

If you choose not to pay shipping (choose the $0 shipping option), you are choosing to download. You will not get anything in the mail. Your software and VIDEO tutorials need to be downloaded from this web page, or by following the link that we send you by e-mail after the purchase is made