POS Maid Retail Software v2.34
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POS Maid Retail Software v2.34

POS Maid Retail Software v2.34
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LifeTime License
Retail Software v2.34  +FREE  Integrated Credit  Card Processing



POS MAID is  highly recommended for general merchandise  retail stores, such as: Dollar store, Grocery  store, Bakery, Auto/Car Sales, Clothing store,  Vitamin store, Pet store, Sporting goods store,  Electronic store, Computer store, Cell phone  dealer, Toy store, Coffee shop, Newspaper /  Magazine stand, Gift / Souvenir store, Gift shop  and Book store.

The new  2.34 version of our software has the following  major improvements:


- Weigh Scale integration for all scales  that support NCI  / ECR Serial Communications Protocol(Beta).
- Service Packages management for POS Maid and  Tanning Packages management for Salon Maid.


- New and improved Invoice design (redesigned by  European award winning graphic designers).


- Integration of the world known and most used  "T-Max" - Tanning Bed Timers for Salon Maid  (Control up to 256 Tanning Beds through Salon  Maid) (Beta).


- Creation and Printing of Coupons / Gift  Certificates.


- Better Tax rounding for International taxes (GST,PST,VAT,HST...)  and final completion of the inclusion of all  possible tax systems in the world. Which will  offer international users the much needed  improvement in the convenience of setting and  calculating their final prices.


- More lenient software licensing security  system, that will give the users much more  leniency then ever to add on and switch hardware  on their PCs without loosing their user license  out of the security system's assumption that the  software is moved to a different PC. However, we  ask all parties, that are informed of this  improvement, to keep in mind that there is still  a software licensing security in the software,  that will work perfectly in stopping piracy  and unauthorized use of the software, which  security may still give problems to users for  changing too much hardware on their PC even if  they haven't changed the PC completely (the  improvement is in the fact that now the  software's security system is more lenient, in  that it allows for a lot more hardware changes  than ever before).


- Now the DEMO versions will run longer before  the DEMO expiring. In the past the DEMO allowed  for only 10 invoices to be fully tendered (ten  legitimate and complete sales to be processed)  before stopping the DEMO session. Now that  number has been doubled to 20. 


- Many additions, as suggested by various users  in the past, for a more user friendly resulting  software. To all users that have sent us a  suggestion(s) and do not see their suggestion(s)  implemented in this version, please understand  that we simply have too many, as our base of  customers is too large and world wide and we  have to take these on "first come - first serve"  basis. So we hope you will see your suggestion  implemented in the next version (if it wasn't in  this one). Otherwise, please also remember that  we do reject suggestions, after careful  consideration, if we decide that they will not  benefit the wide audience of users that we have,  but may only benefit a few or even worse one  unique user's wants and needs. 


- Many fixes to small bugs and inconveniences to  make the software even more user friendly.

Manual POS Maid Tutorials Download Instructions
  • Supports  POS systems, Home Desktops  or Notebook PCs; Touch Screens and Regular  Screens; Barcode Scanners, Magnetic Card  Readers, PinPad Devices, Electronic Cash  Drawers, Pole Displays; regular size Printers,  small Receipt Printers and Barcode Printers
  • Use it in a  network, on more computers or on a single  PC. Multi user licensing is available.
  • Each  purchase entitles you to activating and  using the software on one PC/HDD only. $45  for each additional license/PC/HDD. Licenses  are not transferable. Multi user licensing  available.
  • Supports All  World Currency. If your currency is not  already available, you can easily add it  yourself with our "Add Currency" tool.
  • Our software  is Multilingual, the available languages  are: English, Finish, French, German,  Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and  Swedish. If your language is not already  available, you can easily add it yourself  with our "Self Translating" tool.
  • Just to name  a few features (for more details with  screenshots, click the "Features" button,  located towards the top of this page): POS,  Inventory, Unlimited Item/Service Buttons  and Category Buttons, Accounting, Time  Clock, Payroll (hourly/commission), Returns,  Layaway, Barcode Labels Printing/Scanning,  Customer Management, Credit/Debit/Gift Card  Processing, Appointments/Scheduling,  Receipts or Invoices (customizable), Many  Reports, Low Stock Alerts, Import / Export  Data from/to Excel, Mailing Lists, etc?
  • Purchase  this software shipped on a CD or  purchase it as a download and save on  the shipping and handling fees.


Software requirements:

Minimal hardware requirements

Windows 7,VISTA, XP, 2000, 2003 or ME

500MHz CPU / 128 MB Ram / 1GB HDD (depending  on the inventory size and the sales per day,  you may get by with a smaller HDD) 1024 x  768 graphics setting with 16bit colors

Before purchasing any POS hardware from either  our partners or other sources, please read the  hardware suggestions in the {Frequently Asked  Questions} part of our Support section on our  website or FEEL FREE TO CONSULT US ON ANY POS  EQUIPMENT BEFORE YOU BUY IT, WE'LL BE GLAD TO  HELP YOU!!

Included in our package as a bonus is X-CHARGE, the  famous credit card processing software (works in USA  and Canada only). To process credit cards with this  software in as little as 3 seconds, you will need  any kind of internet connection or just a phone  line. If you use a broadband connection, your  telephone lines will always be free. You can process  checks with this software as well, so you'll never  have to accept a bad check again. Also you can issue  and process your own GIFT CARDS with this software.

Do not spend money by buying or renting expensive  credit card machines; use your own PC. You can  install the X-Charge portion of the software on as  many PCs as you wish. This way it will be as if you  have many credit card machines and less waiting  lines for check-out in your business. Charge Cards  anywhere, take this software on a laptop to a trade  show, or wherever your business may take you. Even  if (on the road) you are disconnected from a phone  line or the internet, you can complete credit card  purchases and they will process later when  connection is established.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions


Piracy warning note:

By purchasing this item you are purchasing the  license/right to use this software on one computer/HDD.  Any unauthorized copying of this software is  strictly prohibited by federal and international  laws. This software is the intellectual property of  Alexandria Computers LLC, which is the only entity  with the right to own, copy and resell this  software.


          Our Auction    Sales Policy

 We    will send the winning bidder an invoice within two (2) business   days  of auction end adding shipping/handling/insurance fees (see   below  for explanation of handling fees) based upon zip code listed   with  eBay. Please see shipping details below for shipping  methods.   Winning bidders are expected to confirm their order  within three  (3)  business days after invoice sent. Payment in full  is expected  to be  sent within three (3) business days after  invoice is sent.   Additional instructions for completion of auction  and payment will   be included in our invoice.

We will gladly    combine multiple auction winnings to save on S&H fees. If you have    or expect to win multiple items, please email us as soon as   possible  and list the item #_ s you have and/or expect to win and   we will  send you an invoice after all items have ended. We are   unable to  hold multiple auction items for more than seven (7)  days,  so please  plan accordingly. If the seller is unable to  establish  contact with  the high bidder within three (3) business  days of the  end of the  auction, he/she may lose the place as  winning bidder,  and be at risk  for receiving negative feedback  and/or a Non-Paying  Bidder warning,  both of which can ultimately  lead to suspension  from eBay.


  • Paypal

Personal checks will NOT be accepted (NO EXCEPTIONS!).

We file NPB (none paying bidder form) on ALL unpaid    orders and negative feedback.


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International Buyers - check with you local tax agency as you    might be required to pay custom duty/tax on import of this    particular product.

          Important Information


Shipping shown  on   Ebay only applies to lower 48 states. (US Continental)  Shipping   charge to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska will add  additional cost   to the shipping price - 


For    residents of Florida, 7.00% sales tax will be added to the   total  amount due (winning bid plus shipping and handling   charges). 

On occasion, we temporarily run out of stock for a particular    item that is regularly in stock. This dramatically increases   the  time it takes to ship your item. If your item is   backordered, we  will send you an email notifying you of this.   You have the  option to wait until stock arrives or a full   refund right away.  We try to allocate your item from multiple   locations. If we're  unable to complete your order, we will  send  you an email and  issue a refund. Please do not leave  negative  feedback as we  strive to fulfill every order. If the  item is a  special order  item, you will be advised on the  delivery lead  time.

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Payment must be received within 5 days of close of auction.    Product availability is not guaranteed after 5 days. If you,   for  some reason, can not pay within5 days, please notify us of   your  situation. If after 5 days we have not received payment   without  notification, we will file for a non-paying buyer   notification,  and we will resell the item. We reserve the  right  to void the  auction in the case of late bid withdrawals. 

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