Datamax ST-3210 LF Admission Ticket Printer
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Datamax ST-3210 LF Admission Ticket Printer

Datamax ST-3210 LF Admission Ticket Printer
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NEW Q52 6MB flash


The Datamax S-Class was defined to enable Datamax to apply engineering expertise and experience to a specific niche industry. To this end Datamax targeted the admissions ticketing market with the first family of S-Class printers. The ST-3210 and ST-3306 are 203 and 300 dpi versions of the tabletop model, while the SV-3210 and SV-3306 are 203 and 300 dpi versions of the vertical in-counter model. The S-Class is an excellent printer for new box office installations as well as for add-on to or replacement of older, difficult to maintain products. Datamax has worked with a number of ticketing solutions providers to certify the S-Class for use with leading software products.
S-Class Features

Metal locking covers (ST models only)
Sturdy metal frame and covers protects printer, keeps valuable ticket stock safe
Protects printer, secures ticket inventory
Auto loading tickets
Makes loading intuitive. No operator's manual required
No diagram of paper path to lose
Color coded component cues
Components that need to be touched, moved or adjusted are green and easily recognizable
Reduces training time. More intuitive. Novice users are less fearful of printer operations,
3 button front panel
Configure the printer and change how the printer operates
All configurations take place via the front menu. No complicated dipswitches
Wide access to the printhead
Printhead mechanism is hinged to provide wide open access
Easier to load tickets, easier to clean printhead for longer life
Windows printer driver
Windows applications have the ability to utilize the ST-3210 as a Windows printer
End-users can choose which application software to use with the ST-3210
Utilizes the Datamax Programming Language
Many existing applications support DPL
Utilizes the Datamax Ticket Programming Language, which emulates the industry standard FGL language supported by Boca, TicketMaster and Practical Automation
Many existing applications support DTPL
Serial, Parallel, and USB communications
Industry standard RS-232C and Centronics Parallel ports included for host communication
Off-the-shelf communications cables can be used to provide printer/host connection
3-year warranty on mechanics and electronics. 1-year/1M inch warranty on the printhead
Datamax is showing the strongest possible commitment to the quality and reliability of the S-Class
Dual locking printhead
Printhead latch locks with stainless steel pins on either side of the printhead
Allows for even printhead pressure across the width of the head
Clean electronics side
Designed for quality no belts to wear out, no springs and cables crossing each other
Printer is designed for manufacturability and serviceability throughout

S-Class Options (see models at the end of the page)

Cutter and Tray (ST Models only):
A factory-installed device that will cut stock with a maximum thickness of .008 inch (.2 mm) and a minimum thickness of .0025 inch (.06 mm). The tray attaches to the front of the printer to collect cut tickets, and is capable of stacking a minimum of 100, 3.5-inch (88.9 mm) wide tickets, ranging in lengths from 2.0 inches (50.8 mm) to 5.63 inches (142.9 mm).

Roll Hanger (ST Models only):
An interior mounting option allowing the printer to use 7-inch outer diameter (177.8 mm) rolled stock wound on 2-inch (50.8 mm) diameter cores.


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