Scriptel ST1401 Web Signature Pad
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Scriptel ST1401 Web Signature Pad

Scriptel ST1401 Web Signature Pad
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1.3" x 4.4" Non-LCD / Static Capacitive Glass / 3 Year O/N Exchange Warranty / Splash Proof / USB / Browser Based

ST1401 Web Signature Pad

Patent Pending Platform Independent Solution


Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux

By using standard drivers common across all major computer operating systems, the ST1401 Signature Pad does not require any additional software installed to client machines.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more

The ST1401 Signature uniquely passes signature data points in a format friendly way to all major web browsers. We greatly reduce the amount of testing needed to support the ever changing browser landscape.

Eliminates 3rd Party Plugin Development

The ST1401 Signature Pad eliminates the need for ActiveX controls or Java Plugins by passing signature data directly to the browser. Coordinate information can be received through a basic script.

Capacitive Glass Technology

Our screen technology is accurate down to the pixel and captures signatures precisely, even with a finger or palm on the screen while signing. The signature quality remains accurate in the midst of scratches and foreign substances.

USB Connection

The ST1401 provides a convenient USB connection that allows quick setup to enable the capture of electronic signatures.

No Batteries

Some signature pads require small batteries inside the pen that are inconvenient to replace and fail during the signature capture. Scriptel's active digital pens derive power from the device.

Proven Durability

The ST1401's rugged crafting resists accidents such as spills and drops. Each unit is designed to exceed 1 million signatures