Panasonic Attune II Order Taker Belt Pack WX-CT420
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Panasonic Attune II Order Taker Belt Pack WX-CT420

Panasonic Attune II Order Taker Belt Pack WX-CT420
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Product ID: WX-CT420
Panasonic Attune II Order Taker Beltpack

Attune II Order Taker Module Typical noise suppression eliminates low-frequency steady-hums like droning fans and idling freezers. Attune II suppresses all of those plus sounds across the spectrum, including sounds that change in pitch and volume like sirens, beeping horns, and kitchen chaos. With Attune II your staff members can speak with customers in a digitally-enhanced quiet zone where they can communicate efficiently and get orders right the first time. Noise doesn't have to be deafening to be distracting. We designed Attune II to reduce the low and mid volume sounds that are a constant of restaurant life by up to 4 times. Attune II can even reduce the loudest sounds encountered in a restaurant by a factor of 2.

easy operation

  • customize systems with any combination of AIO or belt pack models
  • audible tone indicates that a vehicle has been detected at the drive thru
  • versatile operating modes include:
    • talk: user must press talk each time they need to speak to the customer
    • talk-lock: activates when a vehicle is detected. User must press ?talk? once to communicate with a customer; Talk-Lock is deactivated automatically when the vehicle pulls away
    • auto-talk-lock: one headset per system can be programmed for Auto-Talk-Lock which allows live communication when a vehicle is detected without the need to press any buttons
    • page: up to four order takers can simultaneously communicate with one another
  • sleek styling on both the belt pack headset and the All-in-One order taker
  • built-in two-message Auto Greeter lets you instantly greet your customers with a prerecorded message
  • selectable standard or high power operation for extended range with no additional antenna hardware required
  • standard remote speaker can be used for drive-thru monitoring in the kitchen, manager?s office or anywhere in the store; select talk, page, and/or audible tones
  • 3 languages (English, Spanish or French), with multiple voice prompts for functions including:
    • audible reminder on power-up of each headset's personal number for easy troubleshooting
    • low battery message
    • indication of headset mode (i.e. talk lock, auto talk lock, etc.)
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