Z-2030 Portable Data Terminal with Integrated CCD Barcode Scanner

Z-2030 Portable Data Terminal with Integrated CCD Barcode Scanner

Z-2030 Portable Data Terminal with Integrated CCD Barcode Scanner


The ZBA Z-2030 integrates a high performance CCD barcode scanning engine into an ergonomically designed, user-friendly unit.  Sized like a modern cellular phone, users can operate the extensive features of the Z-2030 with the convenience of one-handed operation.

The Z-2030 comes with a 96-character backlit display, which allows the users to access keyinformation even in low-light conditions.  With up to 2MB of internal SRAM memory available, thousands of barcodes can be stored, and an independent rechargeable Lithium-ion backup is included to prevent data loss.  The Z-2030 comes with three NiMH rechargeable batteries for advanced power management.  The terminal has the capability to scan 12 barcodes per minute for up to 100 hours.

The Z-2030 is also fully programmable with the user-friendly Windows-based taskgenerator.  Communications can be done via IrDA or RS-232C for convenient data management.
  • Easy to use, pocket-sized handheld terminal
  • Up to 2 MB S-RAM on board
  • STN 98 x 64 dot graphic type LCD display
  • Powered by 3 pcs AAA alkaline batteries or 3 pcs NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Good for 24 hrs. operation after a full charge
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion back-up battery
  • RS-232 or IrDA communications port
  • Programmable firmware
  • Easy to use built-in program generator
  • Easy user defined Windows based task generator for applications development 
  • Hardware Library Support  for customized firmware developemnt
  • Charging and communicatinos Cradle
  • AC-DC wall adapter Power Supply


    CPU 8 bit C-MOS microprocessor
    Memory 256KB/512KB/1024KB/2048KB SRAM on board, 128k ROM
    Keyboard 26 fine rubber touch buttons
    Buzzer Volume programmable
    Real Time Clock Alarm clock with wake-up function
    LCD Display FSTN, 98 x 64 dot Graphic


    Main Battery 3 pcs AAA alkaline batteries, or3 pcs AAA 700mAH NiMH rechargeable batteries (Use ZBA supplied rechargeable batteries only)
    Backup 3.0V, 25mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
    Battery Life 24 HRS (6 scan/min.) after full charge
    Power Management 1. low power warning for main and backup battery2. Entering Standby Mode automatically


    Optical System 2048 pixel CCD or 3600 pixel CCD device
    Resolution 0.125mm (5 mil)
    PCS Value 35% or more
    Light Source 635nm visible LED
    Scanning Speed 83 scans/sec
    Depth of Field 0 ~ 75cm
    Scan Angle 38


    Bar code Symbologies UPC/EAN/JAN, Codabar, Code-39, full ASCII Code-39,Code 128, Code-93, ITF 2 of 5


    Output RS-232C via cradle,IRDA communication
    Data bit: 7/8
    Baud Rate: 2400/4800/9600/19200
    Parity: even/odd/mark/space/none
    Handshaking Xon/Xoff, ACK/NAK, RTS/CTS


    Dimensions 144.72 x 47.98 x 23.49 (mm)
    Weight Approximately 115g (4oz) with battery pack
    Operating Temp. 0C ~ 50C (32F ~ 122F)
    Storage Temp. -10C ~ 60C (14F ~ 140F)
    Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)


    Software & Development
    1. Built-in program generator2. User defined PC DOS Windows 95/98/2000/NT based task generator