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So Different They're in a Class of Their Own
Cognitive's Compact Industrial C Series printers are the next generation of high-performance thermal label printers, bridging the gap between mid-range and desktop models. Ci printers deliver exceptional value as high-performance printers with small footprints, competitively priced and with full connectivity availability.
  • Rugged and reliable all-metal printer mechanism that prints continuously
  • Die-cast metal user interface to withstand harsh environments
  • Full communication suite, including internal Ethernet, serial/parallel and USB ports
  • Print speeds at 6 ips
  • Real time clock standard on every printer
  • Fast 32 bit 200 MIPS Processor for fast throughput and incredible first label out speeds
  • Large roll capacity for high-volume applications
  • Best performance-to-size ratio
  • Two-year warranty
  • Compact Industrial Printers
    Available with direct thermal and thermal transfer printing in both 2? and 4? media widths, these products will shape the future of the on-demand barcode and label printing market. Our products are packed with attributes that go beyond ?feeds and speeds.?

    Why Compact Industrial?
    In developing the C Series printer family, Cognitive recognized that today?s desktop and mid-range printer products frequently come up short for users in printer performance, price and footprint. Many customers are forced to buy up to expensive mid-range printers to get the speed and essential features they can?t find in the more affordable desktop models. Other customers are forced to sacrifice performance to meet their budgets and buy down. Neither solution is optimal for users.

    Cognitive saw the opportunity to create a new printer family to fill the traditional price/performance space between low and high end printers.
    We call our printers ?Compact Industrial? and label them as the C Series.

    Compact Industrial gives customers what
    they are looking for

    Current customer research  and our own 20 years of printer experience make it clear that barcode label users today are looking for the following in their printers and vendors:

    • Reliability. Rugged and durable printers matched with a comprehensive warranty. One-year warranties don?t cut it any more.
    • Connectivity. Built in communications including serial, parallel, USB and Ethernet capability.
    • Speed. Fast print speed is important and so is ?no wait? first label out performance. Printer users are tired of waiting 6 or more seconds for expensive and antiquated printer processors to do their work.
    • Price/Performance. Mid-range performance at desktop prices. Better price/performance is clearly possible where manufacturers take maximum advantage of international sourcing and current processor technology.
    • Footprint, Usability & Design. As barcode label printers spread to distributed printing points and become more consciously incorporated into business process and workflow space, usability and design considerations take on new importance

    The Solution: The C Series
    The C Series exceeds user expectations for fast and feature - rich printers that incorporate the latest technology to keep costs low and reliability high.