Loftware Label Manager

Loftware Label Manager

Loftware Label Manager


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Unlimited design and high speed stand-alone printingThe Loftware Label Manager gives you the ability to design and print labels right out-of-the-box. The Loftware Label Wizard makes designing labels simple. The first time you open a new label, the Label Wizard prompts you to create a new label, open a compliance label template for custom editing, or open a pre-existing label. Once your label template is open, you can place and size bar codes, text, line, box and graphic fields easily.

The Loftware Label Manager allows an unlimited number of users to design label formats. Once you've designed your label, you can then print locally, remote across the Internet, or to networks operating in NT 4.0 Terminal Server or Windows 2000/2003 Server (in Terminal Server or Citrix Metaframe environments). One concurrent user license comes standard with each edition, permitting the sharing of up to four (4) barcode or Windows printers on your network.

Expand your system as your business growsThe Loftware Label Manager is the basic foundation for all other Loftware products and features a modular design for scalability. As your business grows, you may want to add additional printer seats, or migrate to one of the Loftware's Print Server solutions to reduce and take advantage of server-centric technology. If so, it is good to know that the Loftware Print Server family of products can utilize your label templates

Basic Features

Create a New Label with Ease!New Label Wizard: The first time you open design mode in Loftware, the New Label Wizard is displayed, allowing you to create a new label, open a compliance label template for custom editing, or open a pre-existing label.

Label Design Mode: Easily design a label format using the intuitive Label Design Mode. Place and size bar codes, text, line, box and graphic fields onto the designer screen. Select one field or a group of fields on your label and instantly view and/or change field properties. Dynamically select and edit Native and True Type fonts, bar code symbologies, densities, ratios, and specialized check digits. Quickly and easily define field names, input prompts, operator instructions, help text, non-printing fields, and field positions. Directly assign variable field data sources with a double click of the mouse. Create and edit multiple types of Data Sources.

Configuring Your Printers is a SNAP!The New Printer Configuration Wizard in Version 7x - Configuring printers has never been easier than it is in Loftware Version 7x. There are two fast methods available, the Printer Configuration Wizard, or the Printer Configuration Grid. Either way you go, your target printer is set up in seconds. Choose your printer "family" (manufacturer), the model, and the type of connection you are using (i.e., TCP/IP) and away you go!

Need to print a label in Chinese?

The New Language Properties Wizard in Version 7x allows the printing of any Language - If you do not have a printer that is capable of printing double-byte fonts such as Korean, Japanese, or other Asian Languages, they can still be sent to your printer as a bitmap...AND, the big news is, you can have as many languages as you want all on the same label, because you can now create a foreign language field on your label individually. Of course, if you have a printer that supports double-byte fonts, you may utilize them natively in Loftware.

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems include:
    Windows 95B, 98, NT 4 - SP5+, Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2003 Server
  • Minimum Requirements:
    NT 4 = Processor: PII-233 Mhz / Memory: 96MB or higher
    Windows 2000 = Processor: PII-233 Mhz / Memory: 128MB or higher
    Windows XP / 2003 = Processor: PII-300 Mhz / Memory: 256MB or higher

Data Sources

  • Connect label formats to 32 bit compliant databases like Access, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Excel, dBase, Text, etc., via ODBC connectivity.
  • Database speed search with filtering capabilities.
  • Auto retrieve label format from database based on the key field.
  • Retrieve variable graphic files from database.
  • Format variable data fields in paragraph blocks that automatically "wrap" depending on the data.
  • Capable of calculating special bar code check digits on-the-fly while the bar code data changes.
  • Set fields to print in any orientation.
  • Print batches of labels from an ASCII Text file for large production runs.
  • Print groups of labels from a range of records in a database.
  • Print groups of labels using a custom SQL WHERE clause.
  • ActiveX System Control for adding label printing functionality to your own applications.

Label Design Program Features

  • Graphical user interface with precise WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) technology.
  • New Label Wizard helps you to create the exact label you need in seconds!
  • Printer Configuration Wizard makes adding printers fast and easy.
  • Supports all popular image formats including BMP, PCX, JPG, TIF, CAL, MAC, etc.
  • "Thumbnail" preview for label format and image loading.
  • MDI multi document interface for editing more than one label at a time.
  • Powerful formula builder for parsing data on the fly at print time.
  • Single and group field edit - select, copy, move, delete field alignment tools custom and default zoom levels.
  • Wide selection of industry compliance label templates Customizable On-Demand operator input screens.
  • Design labels to fit "multi-up" on a page using the layout feature.
  • Security features to limit access to various modules by user.
  • Multi-level Undo.
  • Design labels in inches or metric units using precise rulers.
  • Floating/dockable toolbars.
  • Sizable Grid with "snap to" technology.
  • Move fields a pixel at a time using keyboard arrow keys.
  • Resize, rotate, and stretch graphics at design time.
  • All fields sizable by mouse as well as "floating" properties box.
  • All label formats are available for use in the Loftware Print Server.
  • Accurate merging of label formats to different printer types.

Templates and Symbologies

  • Bar code wizard for generating complex automotive, healthcare, logistics, and telecommunications label formats.
  • Extensively customizable behavior preferences.
  • Language Properties Wizard for printing of international characters, including double-byte fonts such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
  • Support for all major 1D barcode symbologies.
  • Support for 2D symbologies including Maxicode, PDF-417, Data Matrix, MicroPDF, RSS.
  • Supports MOD 10, 43, 7, UCC MOD 10 check digits.
  • Import label formats designed or printed in Zebra ZPL, Intermec IPL, Monarch MPCL.

Supported Printers and Print Features

  • Support for major thermal transfer and Windows printers.
  • Drive up to 4 thermal or Windows printers.
  • Configure printers on serial, parallel, and TCP/IP ports.
  • Easily print and access data both locally and across LAN/WAN networks.
  • Centrally share labels, databases, and graphic files with other print stations on your LAN/WAN.
  • Low cost print only modules available that allow you to replicate print stations throughout your facility.
  • Stretch graphics to fit a certain area of the label during print time.
  • Each operator input screen is fully customizable.
  • Prompt user for any combination of keyboard and database key fields.
  • Print Preview allows operator to validate label on screen (with data) before continuing with print job.
  • Supports extra printer controls such as cutters, head temperature, print speed, forms offset, stock type, etc.
  • Set entire label to print in any orientation.
  • Supports printers internal Font, barcode, and serialization capabilities.
  • Supports downloaded and bitmapped True Type Fonts.
  • Supports many different types of incrementing and decrementing fields Powerful Date/Time field functionality including Julian Dates.
  • Audit file creation.
  • Print "multi up" on a page; create your own, or use our provided layouts such as Avery Layouts.
  • Early eject feature for partially filled pages.
  • Start printing on a page at any point in the layout i.e. a reloaded page that was ejected early.
  • Does not generate duplicate serial numbers unless specifically directed to do so.