Panasonic Attune I & II WX-B3030 Battery for WX-T3020/WX-CT420 Belt Pack/Order Taker and WX-H3050/WX-CT420 Headsets

Panasonic Attune II

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When your Panasonic Attune headset battery starts to dim and lose its charge too quickly, replace it with this Panasonic headset replacement battery. Compatible with the Panasonic Attune I and II [AIO] all-in-one headsets and [OT] order taker belt pack units, this battery delivers long battery life thanks to its Li-ion technology. It runs for a maximum of 25 hours and can recharge in as little as 5 minutes (max chareg in 4 hours).

  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: Panasonic attune headsets: 3020, 3050
  • Headset battery
  • Battery chemistry: lithium ion (Li-Ion)
  • Battery size: proprietary battery size
  • Maximum battery run time: 25 hour
  • Minimum battery recharge time: 5 minute Max, charge in 4 hours using WX-Z3040 charger.

Reliable Power

Batteries start to become less effective after a while, and that's when you need to consider upgrading them with these Panasonic headset replacement batteries, which give you reliable power when you need it. These replacement batteries are compatible with the Panasonic Attune 3020 and the Panasonic Attune 3050.

Li-Ion Reliability
The Li-ion battery technology in this Panasonic headset replacement battery keeps the power flowing throughout the day. It's lightweight energy-dense format ensures your headset won't be weighed down.

Fast Recharge
The Panasonic headset replacement battery can be recharged in as little as 5 minutes, or you can slowly recharge it over 4 hours to preserve battery life. It has a maximum life of 25 hours, giving you round-the-clock use as necessary.

Panasonic Part#   WX-B3030

UPC Code:   791871505717
  • Product Type: Headset Battery
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Output Voltage: 3.7 V DC
  • Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh
  • Battery Size: Proprietary Battery Size
  • Battery life up to 25 hour universal battery and charger function with both All-in-One and Belt Pack
  • Charge and recharge at any time, batteries do not over charge
  • RoHS compliant lithium-ion batteries
  • Fast charge time of 5 min to 4 hrs
  • Retains programming even when the battery runs out of charge
Product Name Attune I and II Battery
Product Type Headset and Order Taker Battery
Battery Size Proprietary Battery Size
Green Compliant Yes
Green Compliance Certificate/Authority RoHS
Battery Capacity 1100 mAh
Battery Rechargeable Yes
Maximum Battery Run Time 25 Hour
Minimum Battery Recharge Time 5 Minute
Compatibility Panasonic Attune Headsets:
  • WX-T3020
  • WX-H3050
  • WX-CH450
  • WX-CT420
Product Model WX-B3030
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Output Voltage 3.7 V DC
Maximum Battery Recharge Time 4 Hour