Windows Embedded POSReady

Windows Embedded POSReady: Next Generation of Windows Embedded for Point of Service

POSReady 2009 is a flexible operating system designed to seamlessly connect point-of-service solutions with peripherals, servers, and services. 

Looking for a Windows 7-based platform? Check out Windows Embedded POSReady 7, now available as a trial download under the Public Community Tech Preview program (Public CTP). Get the details and Public CTP download instructions for Windows Embedded POSReady 7.

Features at a glance:

Category POSReady 2009 WEPOS 1.1 SP3
Footprint Minimum RAM: 64 MB Minimum Install Hard-disk space: 520 MB Minimum RAM: 64 MB Minimum Hard-disk space: 650MB for core image plus SP3 files
Processor x86 x86
Support life cycle (10 years) Mainstream support until April 2014. Extended support until April 2019. Mainstream support ends April 2011. Extended support ends April 2016.
Add/Remove Windows Components after deployment Yes No
Multilingual User Interface support 32 languages 32 languages in MUI pack CD set in WEPOS 1.1 Update
Only 7 languages were supported in WEPOS 1.0, 1.1
Language Collection support Yes No
Localization Full Partial (Start Menu, Control Panel options, etc). There is a QFE, but does not support full localization.
Japanese Font Set Yes QFE
File-Based Write Filter Yes Available to OEMs ?Supplement
USB Boot Yes Available to OEMs ?Supplement
Install to USB Yes No
Install from USB Yes No
On-screen Keyboard for Login Yes No
Office Viewers support ? Word, Excel, Powerpoint Yes No
Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 Support Yes No
.Net framework support 2.0 and 3.5in box 4.0 assupplement 1.1 in box2.0 and 3.0 as supplement
Windows Media Player version 11 9; version 11 is available
Windows XP SP3 Updates including security, driver and feature updates Yes, supports features of SP3 Yes, updates only the features already in WEPOS
Security Templates Yes No
Flagging Unsigned Drivers Yes No
Serial Keys Yes No
OpenGL Yes No
Sysprep Yes QFE
Remote Assistance Yes QFE
Help Engine Yes QFE
DirectX Yes QFE for Direct Sound
Encrypting File System Yes QFE
Disk Dump Yes QFE
Automatic Recovery screen on bootup Yes  
MS Config Support Utility Yes No
MS Info ? System Information Yes No
XPS support, if .Net 3.5 or later installed Yes No
Updating Root Certificates Yes No
Network Access Protection (NAP) Yes Yes
Microsoft Cryptographic Module support for SHA2 hashing algorithms in X.509 certificate validation Yes No
POS for .NET version supported 1.12 1.12
Windows Embedded POSReady is an operating system designed for POS solutions that delivers the power and reliability of the Windows Platform. POSReady supports connectivity between the enterprise, peripherals, and POS devices including:
  • Cash Registers
  • Self-Service Checkouts
  • Kiosks
  • Digital Signage
  • ATMs
  • Fuel Pumps

Windows Embedded POSReady Advantages

In an increasingly connected world, businesses need a platform to help the transition from transaction processing to enhanced customer service and relationship building. POSReady is a flexible, installable operating system that was designed specifically for point-of-service devices to help enable this transition.

POSReady provides:
  • Flexibility to customize the operating system image to suit specific hardware requirements and support for Windows technologies that simplify development and management of POS solutions
  • Connectivity to peripherals, remote deployment capabilities, and installation options using a selection of storage media
  • The benefits of a dedicated community of industry-leading partners and resources
Connectivity Confidence Community and Support
With built-in networking capabilities and standard-based Plug-n-Play support, POSReady makes it easy to connect POS Solutions to peripherals, servers, and services.

Easy to deploy remotely and easy to install using a selection of storage media.
Help reduce costs and increase security by customizing the OS to use only the components required for a POS solution.

Have confidence in the reliability, familiarity, manageability, and ongoing service and system updates expected from a Windows platform.
POSReady solutions are supported by industry-leading partners and resources