3nStar Mounting Solutions

The 3nStar POS Mounting Solutions are sleek and modern accessories designed specifically for Point of Sale (POS) Systems. They offer a stylish appearance that adds a touch of sophistication to any retail or business environment. The POS Mounting Solutions are constructed with stability in mind, providing a secure and sturdy foundation for the POS system. Additionally, they come equipped with a built-in cable management system that ensures a neat and organized setup, reducing clutter and the risk of tangled cables.
Overall, the 3nStar POS Mounting Solutions offer a combination of style, stability, and efficient cable management for an enhanced POS experience.


  • Screen Mount: Classic choice for screen mount and optional customer display.
  • Back-to-Back Mount: Fits two screens for enhanced engagement at the point of sale.
  • Peripheral Mount: Provides extra space for peripherals like a printer, scanner or payment terminal.
  • Height Adjustable Arms: Reduces the risk of RSI, and adjusts screen height for operator comfort.
  • Cable Management: Neat and Tidy Appearance.
  • Two Mounting Options: Opt for the space-saving 750mm height (System A) for practicality or the stylish 500mm height (System B) for a more refined look.
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