Corner Store POS POS Value Touch System - 1 Station
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Corner Store POS POS Value Touch System - 1 Station

Corner Store POS POS Value Touch System - 1 Station
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1 Dell Optiplex Dell Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz 2GB RAM 80GB HDD CD 32-bit Windows 7 PRO
1 Logic Controls Bematech 15' Touch screen LCD NEW 3 years warranty
Citizen CT-S310II Thermal Printer USB NEW 3 years warranty
1 Magnetic Stripe Reader NEW 1 year warranty
1 Bematech Cash Drawer NEW 1 year warranty

Support per hour sold separately 

Corner Store POS was developed by industry professionals who have been listening to the needs of their local convenient store owner customers for years. The results of feedback received by the consumers determined that there was an overwhelming demand for a easytouse point of sale software than most on the market.

Look no further than to Corner Store POS! Corner Store will allow you to ring up a sale with ease by scanning barcodes, or pressing hot buttons on the touch screen. There is detailed inventory tracking, employee permissions, and customer tracking with preferred discounts. Importantly, there is integration with the leading credit card processors for secure credit and debit card processing. Download a free demo yourself today to see all the great features and we guarantee you well be satisfied with the results.

Handy Register Software- Take your Point of Sale on the road!

  • Portable version of Corner Store POS
  • Ring up sales, process credit cards, inventory maintenance and print receipts

Integrated Credit Card Processing- Mercury Pay
  • Fully integrated with Corner Store POS - no need for separate terminals
  • Processes credit and debit sales with ability to add gift cards
  • Low rates with Mercury Pay

Sales and Analysis Reporting- Includes Inventory, Sales and Shift reporting
  • Never have to guess on inventory purchasing again
  • Sales reports to compare last season's profits and loses to protect from inventory overcrowding
  • Reports based on employee shifts

Currently we have bellow shown reports into the Corner Store:

For Print - P (For receipt printer only)
For Display - D (View on screen & Print on full-size printer)

  1. Detailed Daily Report -P
  2. Daily Sale Breakdown by Payment Type -P
  3. Z out Report -P
  4. Shift Report -D
  5. Detailed Shift Report by Employee -P
  6. Daily Sale Breakdown by Department -D
  7. Sale Invoices -D
  8. Return Invoices -D
  9. Void Invoices -D
  10. Daily Sale Breakdown by Card Type -P
  11. Detailed Shift Report by Department -DP
  12. Payout Report by Employee -P
  13. Summarized Sale by Department -P
  14. Summarized z out report -P

Comprehensive Point of Sale Functionality- Increase efficiency in Business Operations
  • Sales Invoices, cash receipts, rentals, trade options, loyalty programs
  • Quick search items/customer lookup
  • Real time information on inventory
  • Pricing features-Deposits options, taxable/non taxable button, cost and price listing

Systems Requirements and Capacities- Minimum requirements
  • Requires Windows XP Pro or later
  • Supports nearly all peripheral hardware for Point of Sale system including most thermal receipt printers cash drawers, pole displays, barcode scanners and card readers
  • Able to work on 64 bit operating systems.

The minimum PC requirements are :

Windows XP Home 32B
Intel Celeron/1.5 GHz Processor (or equivalent)
512MB of RAM

- For Windows VISTA/7, after the download is completed, right click on the Corner Store red-icon on your desktop and select Properties.
- In the Properties Window, click on the Compatibility tab, select Run this program as administrator and click on Apply. 
- Click on Change setting for all users, select Run this program as an administrator and select OK.

Last Upgrade

What?s new in this upgrade :

1.       Now CornerStore Main screen has twitter update notification bar that shows top 10 twitter updates from our company twitter account.

Note : Let us know if you want your customers to see your twitter updates and we can get that customized for you.

2.       Now CornerStore has Fast Cashout buttons($5,$10,$20) on the main screen. check out here :

3.       Now CornerStore has all twelve active functional keys ,See bellow :


F1 : Help (Getting Started PDF)

F2 : Inventory Maintenance

F3 : Customer Maintenance

F4 : Price Check

F5 : Quick Inventory Add

F6 : Fast Cashout (For exact change)

F7 : Search Inventory List

F8 : Print Last Receipt

F9 : Open Cash Drawer

F10 : GoBack Button

F11 : Void Invoice

F12 : Put Invoice On-Hold and Print that invoice





The default username is admin and password is admin123