Xenial Mobile Manager
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Xenial Mobile Manager
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Xenial Mobile Manager
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Monitor and manage your business at any time, from anywhere. Xenial Mobile Management puts the power of 24/7 on-site store management in the palm of your hand. Send real-time push notifications about every aspect of store operations and performance to any tablet or mobile device even your Apple or Android watch. Wonder who just voided a transaction at 10 p.m. on Thursday night? Know instantly with Xenial Mobile Manager


Xenial newest mobile application, Mobile Manager, gives time crunched business owners actionable information in real time.

Any Android or iOS phone / tablet can securely access information from anywhere to manage operations. Discover and solve problems and reduce the need to remotely access to your POS. Safely connect to your hosted data for Sales, Payments, Voids, Discounts, Labor, and Security information. Designed for single and multiple unit operators, Mobile Manager makes it simple to control one or many operations from one login.


Reporting with Historical Comparison

Current and historical information is easily shown within the native application, this allows management to understand trends and predict future activity. Optimized for speed, the app retrieves large amounts of data efficiently. Mobile Manager compares sales or discounts for a time and date range. Coloring on data makes understanding positive or negative trends simple.

Users can personalize their mobile reporting experience with preferred Sales, Labor, Voids, Discounts, or Security data views. Graphical and spreadsheet views can be changed with a click.

Alerts in Mobile Manager send notifications about security and operation problems. Alerts are instant and show full check detail. Alerts are delivered to the mobile device and work from anywhere. Sales can also be delivered on a timed basis so you dont have to access the app to view the information. Each staff member can have different setup preferences, helping maintain daily profitability. Mobile Manager is cloud based allowing you to manage users and system configuration from a web browser.

Mobile Manager is a native mobile analytic and alerting tool sold exclusively by Authorized Dealers like POS OF AMERICA.

Mobile Manager does not work outside of the Xenial/HCOM product family and can not be used in a stand-alone capacity.


Mobile Manager Pricing

Mobile Manager pricing is $65 per month, per store. Each store can have unlimited staff accounts to access the Mobile App.

Xenial will bill customers directly. Billing begins the month of boarding, depending on the standard policy of whether that date falls prior to 15th of the month (after 15th will bill following month).


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