Aldelo Fingerprint Server


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Each Site License
Fast, Easy and Fully Integrated with Restaurant Point of Sale

  • Use a Finger Print for login to Aldelo Instead of MSR or Keyboard
  • More Secure than stolen MSR or Password
  • Works with either version of Aldelo Lite or Pro

Aldelo Fingerprint Server is a great biometric authentication add-on for Aldelo For Restaurants Pro & Lite Editions.  Our fingerprint security works with Digital Persona 4000B scanner, enabling your staff to perform quick logons without any additional steps.

Aldelo Fingerprint Server is fast, secured and fully integrated with our Restaurant POS solution.  No longer will your staff need to remember long access codes, or worry about losing magnetic swipe cards.

Secure Your POS Systems: No More Lost Access Codes or Impersonations

Aldelo Fingerprint Server enables you to control exactly who has access to your POS system without any compromises.  Concerns such as time card buddy punching, sharing of access codes between staff members and the chance of stolen manager access codes are completely eliminated with our fingerprint security.

Our fingerprint security helps you prevent anyone from impersonating one another.  Your staff will enjoy the new way of fingerprint logon because it is simple and fast.  You will also enjoy the fingerprint logon because of the security and peace of mind that this technology offers.

Time to Upgrade from Magnetic Cards or Manual Passcode Entries

Aldelo Fingerprint Server is easy to setup and is pretty much plug and play.  After setup, all you have to do is have each of your employees go to the fingerprint server computer and register their fingerprints.  This process takes less than 1 minute to complete.

If you are still dealing with access codes or magnetic swipe cards, then why not take to the next step and try our fingerprint security option instead.  Once you have given it a test drive, you would not want to go back!