Aldelo Kitchen Display Server software


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Improved Kitchen Productivity

  • Aldelo Kitchen Display Server software allows your POS terminals to submit orders to your kitchen, in real time, for faster production. With ALDELO Kitchen Display Server, your cooks will no longer be frustrated by slow kitchen printers or lost tickets.

    In a fast paced quick service environment, time is everything. That?s why you need aldelo Kitchen Display Server to help you improve your kitchen performance and productivity.

Fully Integrated with Aldelo POS
  • Aldelo Kitchen Display Server offers quick service and fast casual restaurants a seamless integration between Aldelo POS Pro or Lite. Orders placed at POS terminals appear automatically at Kitchen Displays in near real time.

Full Featured and Customizable
  • Aldelo Kitchen Display Server allows you to customize color options, routing options, display options and much more. Our kitchen solution supports up to 16 kitchen monitors and also has the ability to route menu items based on order types for maximum flexibility.

    Your kitchen orders, whether bumped or not, are safe even if you restart your system. Best of all, our Aldelo POS SOFTWARE provides automatic queuing of unsent kitchen orders in case of network connection outages.

Be In Control of Your Kitchen Operations
  • Aldelo Kitchen Display Server also provides your managers the ability to review kitchen production performance. You can easily retrieve information such as how long kitchen orders take to produce.

    Aldelo Kitchen Display Server gives you the ability to better staff kitchen resources and improve kitchen response, resulting in more satisfied customers and repeat business.