Aldelo Liquor Controller


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Better Liquor Accountability

Aldelo Liquor Controller is the key to eliminate unauthorized liquor pours and maximize liquor accountability for bars and taverns.

Aldelo Liquor Controller integrates with Berg Liquor Dispensor equipment to form a unique strategy that helps businesses minimize liquor losses while maximizing liquor profitability.

Aldelo Liquor Controller enables bars and taverns collect on every pour and fully capitalize on their liquor inventory.  No longer will bartenders have the ability to giveaway drinks without proper authorization.

Fully Integrated with Restaurant Point of Sale

Aldelo Liquor Controller is fully integrated with Aldelo For Restaurants in order to provide users with a seamless operation experience.

Every drink order placed into Aldelo For Restaurants is transmitted to Aldelo Liquor Controller via TCP/IP for pour authorization.  Likewise, every drink voided in Aldelo For Restaurants will also result in the automatic removal of pour authorization in Aldelo Liquor Controller.

The integrated Berg Liquor Dispensor Equipment will only pour if Aldelo Liquor Controller authorizes such pour requests, thus resulting in secured liquor control.

A New Way of Liquor Management

Aldelo Liquor Controller is truly a new way to control your liquor inventory, prevent losses and increase drink sales.
The savings generated from preventing pour mistakes, eliminating unauthorized pours and enhancing liquor accountability not only increase profit potentials, but also time savings and productivity.