Aldelo POS PRO 2.0 2E for Restaurant Station License


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Aldelo Annual Support customers get the upgrade to Aldelo Pro 2E at no charge. Simply contact their dealer or our support team to obtain the upgrade. Buy the Support Contract here.

Aldelo POS 2E Supports Both Wide Screen and Standard Screen

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Simplicity & Efficiency

Aldelo Restaurant POS is the chosen solution for over 80,000 restaurants and bars across the country. Intuitive and field-proven, Aldelo helps restaurant operators achieve simplicity and efficiency. Built with full restaurant management features, perfect for small to medium size operations.

​Aldelo features split/combine tickets, easy order taking process, inventory control, financial accountability, customer tracking, built-in loyalty and in-house program, and kitchen productivity. This simply makes Aldelo POS the Best POS for your operations.

Full Featured & Field Proven
Aldelo has been in business for more then 20 years, and we know Point of Sale.

The Aldelo POS 2E is the latest in our Windows based Point of Sale that features and intuitive design that is simple to use yet has features like Inventory Control, Time Card Management, Kitchen Management, Hostess,  Delivery, Drive Through, In-House Charges and much more.

Aldelo POS improves restaurant efficiency by freeing up staff to focus on service with an ordering and payment process on Aldelo is simple, fast, and easy, making it the right choice for Restaurants and Bars around the world.

Made for Restaurants & Bars
Aldelo POS was designed from the ground up with the restaurant and bar industries in mind.

With such features as easy to use bar tabs that allow you to re-authorized a card when the bar tab amount is exceeded, to delivery features that remember what your customers last ordered and use there caller id to automatically pull up there delivery information.

​Aldelo Point of Sale helps free up your time so you can focus on your guest experience.  At the same time maintains financial accountability for your team and gives you easy to understand reports so you can stay profitable. 


Simple and intuitive, Aldelo POS empowers customer satisfaction and improves productivity.

Simple POS 
✔ Easy to use order taking screen
✔ Order splits & combines

✔ Order transfers & chaining
✔ Custom discounts & surcharges
✔ Employee time card management

✔ Quick service screen
✔ Recipe details for items
✔ Simple inventory tracking

Flexible POS 
✔ Automatic menu item price changes for happy hour
✔ Custom and advanced modifiers
✔ Flexible kitchen & bar printing
✔ Extensive security features
✔ Reduce order mistakes with forced modifiers
✔ Custom menu groups and items

Powerful POS
✔ Built-in gift card module
✔ Built-in reward module
✔ House account feature
✔ Supports multi-lingual & secondary language
✔ Reservations & waiting list
✔ Tag along items
 Integrated credit card processing

No More DRM Module

We have eliminated the DRM Licensing Module to streamline the installation process and reduce support calls. Licensing will now be done within the software itself.