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BioClock is the perfect and most advanced solution for monitoring attendance and access control of your company's employees. It is designed for companies with 1 to 3,000 employees.

With a sleek, modern, and professional design, BioClock is a multimedia unit that combines a pleasant color display with audible voice signals for users. When an employee makes a mark, their photo can be displayed on the screen, and the device will indicate whether the mark is correct or incorrect.

Employees can register using their fingerprint, proximity cards (through an already built-in reader), or by entering a code on the keyboard.

You can connect the device to the network for online processing of the marks or transfer the marks using any USB memory to your computer (without the need for any connection to the device).

The fingerprint reader is of high quality, made of glass and without a silicone membrane coating (readers with silicone coating easily get damaged), ensuring a long lifespan.

Through a web server installed on the device, you can connect and perform administrative functions by simply entering the device's IP address from any internet browser. Additionally, it offers professional access control (door opening).

You can also configure shift change announcements through an internal or external siren on the device and send personalized messages by employee or employee groups that will be displayed when they make a mark.

The package includes software for mark analysis. The device, software, and software manual are available in both Spanish and English."


Screen: Pleasing color display where various customized images can be placed. The employee's photo can be shown when marking attendance.

Sound: Verification functions have audible voice signals indicating the result of the operation.

Verification: Employees can register using their fingerprint, a proximity card (using a reader included in the device), or by entering a code. These methods can be combined, or a specific method can be required for an employee.

Connection: The device can be connected to a computer for online mark collection. This connection can be through TCP/IP (normal network).

WiFi: Wireless connection via WiFi.

Offline Mode: If you prefer not to connect the device, marks can be downloaded using any USB memory and transferred to the computer for analysis with the software.

High Capacity: Open license to store up to 3,000 fingerprints without restrictions.

Software: Includes a program and its manual in both Spanish and English for analyzing marks made with the device. Multiple devices can be connected to the same program.

High-Quality Reader: The fingerprint reader is made of glass and is NOT coated with a silicone membrane (which can easily be damaged or broken, disabling the reader). This ensures a long lifespan for the device.

Employee Messages: Customized messages can be sent to an employee or group of employees, displayed when they make marks.

Siren: You can use an internal siren (included in the reader) or connect an external one for shift change announcements.

Webserver: It can be connected to the device for administrative tasks by simply entering the IP address from any internet browser.

Professional Access Control: Ability to open doors and manage attendance.



Display: 3” Color TFT
Keyboard: 21 keys
Capacity: 3,000 fingerprints, 100,000 records
Algorithm: FRR of 0.01%, FAR of 0.0001%
Verification: 1:N (3,500 fingerprints in 1 second)
Weight: Device 0.5 kg, Packaged 1.1 kg
Dimensions: Device: 21x15.7x5 cm, Packaged 28x24x9 cm
Environment: 0°C to 45°C, humidity 20% to 80%