Black PVC ID Card (CR80/Credit Card Size, 2.13" x 3.38") Pack of 500


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Switch it up by choosing a black credential and loading it with bright colors and vivid text.

1350-2095 Pack of 500

Black ID cards?

It sounds like a strange concept, as one would think the dark color would obscure any text or imagery.

However, black cards are perfect for creating a unique credential loaded with bright colors and custom graphics. The black material makes any color applied to it really pop, especially white, yellow, blue and red.

These black PVC ID cards are 2.13" x 3.38", standard CR80/credit card size. The cards are customized using a standard PVC ID card printer, and have plenty of space for a photo, graphic and text.

These cards are great for unique custom-focused solutions. A black gym membership card would look pretty sleek with some white or silver customization, while the local social club would find a black card with white type to be an elegant, sophisticated solution.

You can use these cards as employee badges or credentials as well, though they may not handle employee photos as well as plain white cards.

Because of their color, these cards aren't able to use a magnetic stripe or bar code; these cards are for standard ID only.

Weight 0.0110
Card Dimensions 2.13" x 3.38" (54mm x 86mm)
Card Material Colored PVC
Common Card Size Credit Card
Card Thickness 30 mils
Packaging 500 cards per pack
Also known as Y842942