Cassida Omni-ID Counterfeit Detector with UV Identification Verification Lights


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Verify currency and IDs in a single machine

The Cassida Omni-ID combines a powerful automatic counterfeit detector with advanced ultraviolet LED illumination into a single machine that authenticates both US currency and IDs. The Omni-ID gives you confidence and protection, assuring the dollars, identification cards and checks you take are genuine.


Easy PASS/FAIL verification

Simply feed a bill through and a green PASS or red FAIL will immediately illuminate, signifying whether the money is genuine or suspect. What could be easier.


?Omni-ID removes doubt about authenticity PASS and FAIL lights illuminate powerfully enough to be seen in even the brightest retail settings

?Omni-ID works faster and more conclusively than counterfeit pens  results show in less than half a second, immediately telling you whether a bill is legitimate or counterfeit


Intense UV Illumination
Omni-ID uses industry-leading UV LED technology to authenticate security features that can only be viewed under a specific UV light spectrum. Place an ID or card in the lower slot and powerful, long-lasting LEDs automatically illuminate UV security marks.


UV LEDs are long lasting, giving you years of protection and eliminating the need to replace UV bulbs common in conventional UV detectors!

Omni-ID LEDs were scientifically selected to vibrantly illuminate security markings and show up under bright retail lights.

Wondering how to identify the UV security markings on your state or another states IDs and drivers licenses? Go to


Don t be a victim of fraud

Protect your business and employees. Get the Cassida Omni-ID to assure you?ll never take another counterfeit bill, fake ID or forged payment card.



Technical Specifications:

Verification types: UV-LED, MG, IR, color spectrum analysis

Verification speed: < 0.5 second/bill or ID

Display type: LED

Unit Weight: .85 lbs. (.38kg)

Unit dimensions: 5.1?W x 4.2?D x 4.5?H (129*106*115mm)

Applicable Currency: United States Dollars

Card/ID types: Drivers licenses, credit cards, checks, passports and others

Power supply: AC/DC adaptor, 12 vdc output ? input voltage 100-240 VAC

Power consumption: <10 watts

UPC: 857287002865