Panasonic Attune II drive-thru 4 ALL IN ONE SYSTEM - Single Lane

Panasonic Attune II

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Panasonic's Attune II digital drive-thru system has unmatched sound quality, reduces order errors, and eliminates the need to reconfirm an order. The system includes increased Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) that can remove both constant and fluctuating noise, improved echo cancellation and volume control. While many conventional digital drive-thru order-taking systems operate on the unrestricted 2.4 GHz band and are subject to interference from other devices, Attune II operates on the restricted 1.9 GHz band with a new DECT repeater. This provides for clear, reliable, interference-free communication with an increased range and eliminates bulky antennas. Additionally, no FCC licenses are required for operation.

Advanced DNR (digital noise reduction) technology employs a 3-microphone array to capture and cancel unwanted ambient noise such as refrigerators and microwaves, and burst noises such as ice scooping and buzzers. It also blocks heavier background noises, such as traffic, trains and planes.

One of the lightest headsets in the industry, the new Attune II HD3 is easy to wear and easy to use. With a simplified user interface and cable-less headband, your employees will be comfortable wearing it even longer. And, with specially-designed tactile touch buttons, employees can be certain when their audio is on. So the possibility of an accidental microphone snafu is eliminated.

Everything about the new Attune II HD3 was designed with Quick-Service in mind, all the way down to its interface. Program it from the comfort of your desk, without the need for a center module. A swappable battery design ensures that your operation stays up and running without the need to dock headsets or purchase additional backups for longer shifts.

What's included:

1 x Center Mod (WX-CC411A) , 2 x Wet Wire Cable Kit (WX-C695S) ,1 x 4-port Charger (WX-Z3040A) , 2 x Microphone/Speaker (WX-CS560), 4 x All-In-One Order Taker (WX-CH457), 4 x Batteries (WX-SB100)

Brand: Panasonic

Product Type: Single Lane Drive-Thru System

Compatibility: Panasonic Attune II HD3 Drive-Thru System

Unit Size: 14-49/64 x 10-53/64 x 1-31/28


Excellent DSP to reduce both inbound and outbound noise. Touchscreen for easy settings. Dual lane functionality. Camera integration. Supports up to 32 Headsets/Belt Packs. Ability to answer landline phone calls. Sturdy features such as long-life rubber ear pads that can be removed and sanitized.