Panasonic Attune 457 (WX-CH457) All-In-One Wireless Headset


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Panasonic Attune 457 (WX-CH457) All-In-One Wireless Headset

The 457 comes with a replaceable filter to lessen the extensive cleaning process.

To preserve our long-standing reputation to offer a very durable and reliable product, Panasonic moved forward to update to the current HD3 Headset with the 457.
Panasonic recognized the importance to retain the current clarity and noise reduction that we are known for with our headset products. While we no longer have the built in, “triple microphone array” of the HD3 Headset, the test results have shown the 457 Headset has improved the conversation experience between customers and crew members, while achieving the reliability that you expect from Panasonic.

Key Modifications:
• Durable ECM (Electret Condenser Microphone) single microphone.
• Hard metal boom.
• Dual-sided LED status light.
• Replaceable Microphone guard with filter.
• Enhanced ear pad with replaceable filter.
• Improved head adjust pad for increased durability.
• Upgraded battery life by 17%.
o Estimated over 12 hours of actual use.

The 457 Headset design is based on the HD3 to make it an easy transition for your customers. Changes were made to noninteractive components, so the functionality will be the same as the HD3 headset.

The new 457 is also compatible with the existing Attune I and Attune II headsets and can be utilized in combination with the customer’s installed headsets. This will benefit your customer by allowing them, when needed, to replace headsets one at a time, saving them substantial “out of pocket” costs.

The only change will be for the Center Module. The Out Bound DNR should be utilized and set according to site requirements (Please see the Operation Manual for these instructions).

The current battery (WX-SB100) and Battery Charger (WX-Z3040A) will remain and are sold separately.