Kolibri SIGNATURE™ 2-Pocket Business-Grade Mixed Bill Counter, Sorter and Reader with Counterfeit Detection


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Kolibri SIGNATURE™ 2-Pocket Business-Grade Mixed Bill Counter, Sorter and Reader with Counterfeit Detection

  • Automatically reads mixed stack of bills as it passes to count, and sorts based on denomination unlike simple money counters. Cuts your time processing time in half! Easily divides large amount of mixed bills into bundles of $1, $2, $5, $20, $50, $100. Ideal for business bank deposit.
  • Never stop counting or sorting for a suspect bill, incorrect denomination, or face. Those bills are sorted out into the reject pocket at a speed of 1,200 bills/min.
  • Built for North America with multiple modes and functions for all your business' money counting needs: Mixed Denomination, Sort, DSort, Face, Orientation, Count, VBatch, Auto/Manual, Add, Batch, Add & Batch. Mixed value counting & sorting for 5 currencies: USD, CAD, MXN, EUR & GBP.
  • 100% accurate counting with serial number recognition and advanced counterfeit detection (2 CIS, ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared sensors). Easy-to-use interface, large LCD display, on-screen report and convenient built-in printer ($200 value) to keep track of daily transactions.

A 2 pocket retail-ready solution for counting and sorting the cash your business generates. The Kolibri Signature will provide accurate cash counts while improving productivity.

Unlike most money counters, the Signature reads a mixed stack of bills as it’s fed through while automatically reading the denomination of each bill. ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills). The 2-pocket ensures that a suspect bill, incorrect denomination or face are sorted out into a reject pocket for non-stop counting or sorting.

The Kolibri Signature includes a built-in printer, multiple counting modes, a user-friendly interface and a large LCD display that provides a unique experience to speed through end-of-day settlements, till set-ups, etc.

Available Modes:

  • Mix mode: Quickly count a stack of mixed denominations.
  • Sort mode: Count and sort bills by one denomination
  • DSort mode: Count and sort bills by their design
  • Face mode: Sort bills face up or face down
  • Orientation mode: Sort bills in the same direction
  • VBatch mode: Create and count specific value of the batch
  • Add function: Keep count of bills added
  • Batch function: Set and count bills in customized amount
  • Auto-Currency function: Sort and count one currency in the mixed stack
  • Multi-Currency function: Count the stack of mixed currencies

The Signature records serial numbers and automatically scans bills with 2 contact image, ultraviolet and magnetic sensors to ensure that collected cash is authentic. Moreover, all bills pass thorough the advanced infrared system one by one to guarantee an accurate count every time.

Kolibri Signature is a top-of-the-line 2-pocket solution that not only caters to your cash-counting and sorting needs, but also reads denomination on the bills. It is a cutting-edge, must-have product for a forward-thinking business.

This modern discriminator is also a dependable way to protect yourself and your business from counterfeit-incurred losses. You can easily order it online, and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about its features or our other products, such as the Domino. We’re eager to help you find the ultimate money counting machine that perfectly suits the needs of your business as it grows and expands.