MICROTOUCH, MSR-156-A1 15.6'' 3-TRACK MSR for the DT-156P-A1 and IC-156P-AA2 models.


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The MSR-156-A1 is an optional peripheral designed specifically for the DT-156P-A1 and IC-156P-AA2 models. This MSR is a three track, bi-directional, encrypted solution for a variety of application use-cases. 

Warranty: 3 year


Swipe Speed: ISO standard card: 5-55, Jitter: 5-50, Low Amplitude: 5-50
Swipe Direction: Bi-Directional
Number of Tracks: Track 1 & 3 210 bpi, Track 2 75/210 bpi
Power Supply: +5VDC, +/-5%
Power Consumption (Typical): 50 mA Max.
Interface: USB
Supported Formats: ISO 7811, CA old DMV, AAMVA, Trade Show Card, Read High or Low Coercivity Magnetic Stripes (300-4000oe)

Supported Emulation Modes: Keyboard Emulation mode, Uniform defined HID Device mode (HID MSR)
Card Width: 3.375 x 2.125 in.
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10/Android
Mounting: Directly to DT-150P-A1
Dimensions (H x W x D): 245 x 300 x 385 mm
Weight (gross): 2.086 kg
Weight (net): 0.078 kg
Housing Color: Silver
What’s Included: MSR, 2 Screws