Panasonic WX-C695S Attune Wire Kit


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Panasonic WX-C695S Attune Wire Kit

Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America (Panasonic), Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America would like to make its resellers and customers aware of the release of the new WX-C695S whereas we will be discontinuing the WX-C690WL and WX-C690WL-250 wet rated cables.

The new WX-C695S cable is a single pair conductor, Security & Sound Cable, Riser-CMR, 2-22 AWG stranded bare copper conductors with polypropylene insulation, Beldfoil® shield and PVC jacket with ripcord and drain. The cable is spool with a 500-foot length. This cable will use one run each for the speaker, microphone and loop. The new cable is not wet rated, but we will be looking into a replacement right away. Please see the detailed specifications below. 

Using a 500-foot spooled cable will benefit the installer by providing more flexible installation options. Previously, the installer would have a 150-foot cable which would not allow any installation past about 135-feet (giving extra footage for connections). If the site was less than 135-feet, there would be cable waste.

With the 500-foot cable length, the installer can install the exact length needed and use the remainder for another site or cut the 500-foot cable into three parts (speaker, microphone, loop) and use 166 feet at their discretion.

If an installer prefers to pull the wire into the conduit from a poll setup, you can order 3 spools and line them up on the poll and pull all 3 cables at the same time. Again, there should be excess cable which can then be save for another site’s installation.
With the release of this new cable we will be discontinuing the WX-C690WL and WX-C690WL-250 cable SKUs immediately. If you have a current order placed for these SKUs, your order will need to be changed to the new WX-C695S cable.