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Effective February 1st 2018, all EDC licenses will now be SaaS only, unless provided by a processor.
Monthly Subscription (Any EDC) $69.00 per site.

Aldelo POS Auto Batch and Manual Batching methods
EDC Integration for Aldelo POS - POS OF AMERICA?

We are not responsible for any Windows Operating System Incompatibility or
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FREE Sterling, OpenEdge, Merchant Warehouse or Mercury EDC editions are available when enrolling with the Approved Agents Terms and Conditions. We have a support relationship with these Processors, and can support and maintain and install your EDC Processing through these Providers. Click here to start savings

Rock Solid Payment Processing A Reality

Credit card and other electronic payment types are quickly becoming the preferred method of payment at restaurants and bars across the country.
Increasingly, the need for restaurants and bars to utilize a reliable, secured and fast payment processing solution is more important than ever.

In your busy restaurant, your staff needs quick and reliable payment processing abilities. Your customers demand faster service, and security regulatory agencies require your compliance with the latest PCI rules. As a restaurant owner, you need a rock solid payment processing solution that can help.

Aldelo EDC is the next generation payment processing software that is PA-DSS validated to help you with PCI compliance. Aldelo EDC delivers rock solid stability, performance and security. Best of all, it is fully integrated with Aldelo POS and certified with almost all major processors.

Fast, Secured and Supports Major Processors

Aldelo EDC delivers ultra fast payment processing using broadband Internet. Transactions typically completes within a few seconds, allowing your staff to move on to their next task at hand.

Security was one of the founding principals when designing the Aldelo EDC software. Sensitive data are secured using AES 256 Bit cryptography and full compliance with the PA-DSS rules are followed. In fact, Aldelo EDC is fully PA-DSS validated by a qualified independent security audit firm.

Aldelo EDC is certified with Sterling, First Data, Global, Merchant Warehouse, Mercury, Paymentech, PayPros,TSYS, WorldPay and many others. When you decide to use Aldelo EDC as your payment processing solution, you have the ability to keep your current banking or ISO relations. Our solution supports credit card, debit card, gift card and other payment processing features. (Features vary per each processor)

Fully Integrated with Point of Sale

Aldelo EDC is the only payment processing software that is fully integrated with Aldelo POS.

Together, Aldelo EDC and Aldelo POS form a seamless solution that provides restaurants and bars with a fast, secured and fully integrated experience.

If you are ready for enhanced reliability, security and efficiency, give our Aldelo EDC payment processing solution a try.